Here’s one bike we’ve been dreaming about what seems like ages now. After the sweet success of his first bike, we were kind of wondering just where he’d go after such a tasty treat. The answer? Open your eyes you crazy, inattentive blog viewer you, because it’s right in front of you – for this magical monotone magnificence is the second bike from Mister D and his California-based Sportsman Flyer Company. Now if you liked the last bike, prepare to have your mind totally bent, just like some chocolate-loving freak who’s just been locked in a Swiss sweet shop overnight after spending his life entire thinking that Hersheys was the top-shelf stuff. Just shout when you want to be let out; until then here’s Flyer’s own Pat “Wonker” Dolan.

“Here’s the latest bike from the Sportsman Flyer Factory, the Sportsman 200. The chassis is similar to previous models, replicating early turn of the century board track racers, but has been modified to accept the four stroke Honda GX200 clone engine used in go kart racing. These engines start life as 6.4 hp, but are easily upgraded with all the hot rod parts available for the kart guys. This particular bike is currently running a high performance cam, billet aluminum connecting rod, stainless valves, billet aluminum flywheel, 22mm Mikuni carb, and a twin disc centrifugal clutch. Estimated output is 15 hp. Total weight of the bike fuelled is 108 lbs.”

“The frame is custom built from .120″ wall DOM tube. The head tube, bottom bracket, and seat post mast are lugged sections that are brazed to the frame tubes similar to the vintage bikes. Engine mounts are also very similar to the vintage bikes triangulating the engine into the frame. The bare frame looks very much like a 1918 Indian board track racer.”


“it pulls very hard off the line
and cruises easily at 50 mph”


“The custom drive system uses a primary/secondary reduction system on the motor side of the bike and a standard pedal crank system on the bicycle side of the bike. The engine side reduction hub rides on bearings mounted to the pedal crank bottom bracket shaft and operates independent of the pedals. You can pedal the bike or fire up the engine, stop pedaling, and ride it as a motorcycle. The centrifugal clutch locks in smoothly at 2800 rpm. There is no transmission, but because of the power to weight ratio it pulls very hard off the line and cruises easily at 50 mph.”

“The remaining components on the build are a mixture of modified bicycle, motorcycle, and custom built parts. The gas tank and oil tank/tool box are made from laser cut stainless steel, tig welded, and given a grained finish. The engine mounts are also laser cut in stainless steel. The board track racing handlebars, intake and exhaust, seat, and drive system are all standard Sportsman Flyer parts. We have plans for just 20 Sportsman 200 builds this year and each build comes with a certificate of authenticity, serial number and record of the original owners name and build date.”

Superb stuff. Of course, being such a different bike to the ones we’re all so used to, I bet you’re wondering what it’s like to ride, huh? No problems at all – just help yourself to a eyeful of the wonderful video Pat sent through below. Yes, we know he’s squidding. Trust us, his misses got all upside his head about that, believe you me. Please enjoy.