Written by Mark Hawwa, Throttle Roll creator. 

Throttle Roll wrapped up around 2 months ago and if any of you have ever been to an awesome party or an amazing holiday, the return to normal life goes two ways. You either curl up on the lounge depressed wanting to go back or you buzz. You typically buzz for a couple days and enthusiastically wait for the next time you can enjoy yourself that much again. Its been 8 weeks. I’m still buzzing.

What makes me buzz? It’s the fact that I can bring 6000 people together for an event that focuses on niche motorcycles. The fact that those people can come down to an event from close and afar that contains all walks of life, all ages, all colours of hipster and they get along like a house on fire with added avgas.


Motorbikes are great and don’t get me wrong, this is part about motorcycles but it takes more than motorcycles to make a great event. It’s the people. It’s the people that make a motorcycle show what it is. It’s their shared experiences of motorcycling, it’s their characters, it’s their style of dancing after having one too many ‘tinnies’ and it’s how they lay in the gutter that makes these sorts of silly fun events so memorable.


Throttle Roll to me is way more than just a bike show. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a culture. We may offend people by only showcasing the niche side of the two wheeled segment and not accepting the cruisers, the sports bike etc. and I do apologise for that but ultimately there are plenty of shows that focus on that style. My goal is to showcase the best of the best from workshops to backyard builds to lounge room builds. That’s what Throttle Roll does.


It takes money to create an event like Throttle Roll and we do accept bikes into the show by sponsors. But these bikes need to be worthy. Our sponsors are the guys that keep this event free. They are the guys that without hesitation throw the money in and don’t bust my chops. They know that events like these are about more then just making a dollar and their own personal marketing. They are about bringing people together, showing a different side to motorcycling and in turn keeping the niches strong. Our sponsors are the guys that ride beside us.


We want all two wheelers and three to enjoy what’s on offer. On offer is a Matt Machine Pan Head. Seen first at Throttle Roll. An all out custom bikini faired R65 German Beamer. A XJR1300 FAT Tracker. A Honda Hardtail Custom framed and flaked Dirt Bike. Mix this with music by the likes of Pat Capocci, Papa Pilko & the Bin Rats (song featured in the video) and the Drey Rollan Band and that is Throttle Roll. An event where the street is a part of the show, along with the 70-featured bikes from across this sun burnt country. 

Next year. Next year. Wait and see what is in store for next year.

A massive thanks to all our sponsors including The Shed, Shannons, MCAS and our media sponsor My Media Sydney.

Check out all the photos from the event at Throttle Roll’s Facebook page.

[Photography by Mikki at My Media Sydney]

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