When Macco Motors built their No. 3 Triumph Bonneville named “Dusty Pearl”, they created a machine that would inspire customers from around the world to send the Spanish workshop orders for a Macco Bonnie just like it. Each bike has been created with a twist here and turn there to suit the visual tastes and the type of riding each client desires. But when a big German by the name of Martin made the call for a Macco Bonneville of his own, the guys convinced him that it was worth taking his 2008 Triumph Bonneville for a walk on the wild side. It was time to create “Apache”.


What makes this bike on the wilder side of things is nothing to do with looks or outrageous power figures but perhaps the most important part of any motorcycle, the way it handles. With Martin standing tall at 195cm, setting the bike up is a challenge to begin with, but add to the fact he is an expert rider who wanted a Bonneville he could push to the limits Macco was left with just one option, Ohlins. From the paddocks of MotoGP and WSBK to the leading sportsbikes in the world the Big O from Sweden dominates the market and while costly, there is rarely a better alternative. With Martin’s height in mind Ohlins adjustable length rear shocks with full tuneability made perfect sense for the build. To match the rear Macco went beyond just replacing the stock springs but utilised a complete Ohlins USD front fork assembly.


Great suspension is only as good as the tyres that grip the road and the versatile Metzeler Tourance allow Martin to fine tune the suspension and tackle just about every surface. To improve both looks and performance the unsprung weight is reduced with new rims laced with quality stainless spokes for a traditional look to a thoroughly high-tech machine. Having dialled the Bonneville in to be ridden fast and knowing what an aggressive rider Martin likes to be braking had to be up to scratch. The front floating disc is a 320mm drilled item and is held to the Ohlins forks with a custom billet bracket to prevent flexing. This is clamped by the latest Brembo 4 pot caliper featuring an array of titanium components and finish.


Martin might have wanted a high-tech Bonnie, but it was the look of the Macco Motors machines that first caught his attention and the boys didn’t let him down in that department either. The Spanish lads started with the matte black and cleared raw metal look that they are known for before adding a dark red single stripe that has the Macco Motors logo laid down over the top. The stock subframe was chopped and modified to allow for the fitment of the stunning dark chocolate leather seat that is made in-house. Both fenders are fibreglass Macco creations and while the rear is typically tracker the front hugs the tyre to create a visual line that is simply stunning.


Powering the beast is of course the famous 865cc Triumph parallel twin with sequential fuel injection for smooth throttle response and power delivery. Vented fibreglass side covers allow the engine to breathe easy while adding some extra bark is a pair of tuneable SuperTrapp mufflers.


And yes the pipes are wrapped, particularly important for reducing heat around an air-cooled engine and the increased heat retention inside the exhaust improves both the speed of gas flow and the responding scavenging effect of the pipe. An LSL sprocket cover shows off more of the machines mechanical mechanisms and the alloy footpegs are position perfectly for Martin’s height.


A Tracker needs just the right set of bars and the ever popular Biltwell Tracker handlebars are the perfect fit when matched up with Clubman LSL grips. The underslung mirrors keep everything tidy and just like the bar end turn signals come from the Motogadget catalogue. The rear turn signals are from Kellerman and adding some tradition to the array of modern tech is the classic 7 inch headlight and small taillight that is fender mounted.


With the ignition relocated and neatly tucked away Macco created a tidy mount for the stunning Motogadget Motoscope Pro Speedometer that gives all the basic info like Speed, RPM, digital idiot lights and a full array of warning lights and information to monitor engine performance and condition.


Having listened to their client’s needs and then put their remarkable building skills to work Macco Motors once again have a Bonneville ready to ship to another foreign land for a customer who couldn’t be happier. While there is always “more” you can do to even the most modified motorcycle, Macco Motors have delivered one of the most highly functional Bonneville’s you are ever likely to see without going that one step too far. Quality craftsmanship and expert design, the best of Ohlins and Brembo and a mix of hand-made and off the shelf components into a package that is a true riders dream.


[Photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate]