Embarking on a sequel to any project is a hazardous business, the movie industry is awash with follow-ups that disgraced their originals. But sometimes things all come together and it would almost be criminal not to reward adoring fans. So, ten years after an epic 1,300km journey across the Pyrenees that resulted in an incredible music video, the team of custom bike builders behind the video’s star have united again. That star was a custom Triumph Scrambler known as ‘RUMBLER 900’, now the team of Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler of JSL and Jens vom Brauck of JvB-moto are back with their sequel. A Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE that’s bigger and badder than its baby brother, and ready for another crazy mountain adventure.

“In 2012, Uli Bree, Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler, Jens vom Brauck and Wim Peters had done a 1300-kilometre off-road tour across the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic on converted Triumph Scrambler 900s. They were accompanied by a film crew. The music clip with Jimmy Cornett and his song Raise the Dust, was created during the filming and has become legendary.“ With over half a million views across social media, it meant that ‘RUMBLER 900’ had gained a cult following as a trick custom machine for tackling any surface and the new 1200 version was crying out for a similar conversion.

As Jens describes it, a bike that is “No-fuss, no blah-blah. A driving machine in its best and purest form.“ While JSL took care of the technology and the chassis, JvB-moto dedicated itself to the design. This is where both excel and the products that are a result, end up available to be purchased off the shelf from each company. One of the key areas to be tackled was to replace all the crappy parts that a manufacturer is forced to add to their bikes for compliance and cost-cutting.

JvB was immediately on the task with the god-awful factory number plate holder tossed aside. The fenders are also gone and a custom rear fender has been moulded that perfectly incorporates a neat plate bracket, with a flush mount LED taillight and room for the mounting of the trick Motoism indicators. The ultra neat look is replicated at the front of the bike, again with the large factory fender and hideous fork covers tossed in the bin. The replacement JvB part still offers that protection from the elements, but in a much neater package.

The next task was to create a front mask for the bike that delivers the iconic JvB-moto look. The traditional single headlight would never look fit left in place and has been swapped for a flush-fitting LED item. Then the mask goes over the top, giving the bike its distinct appearance and again incorporating the lighting for an ultra-clean finish. To complete his work, JVB then designed and crafted a set of custom side covers and a matching exhaust heat shield to protect the rider’s leg.

Over to JSL and his big focus was on improving the suspension, by tweaking what was there and reducing the unsprung weight. To do this the wheel size is reduced down to 19in front and 18in rear, with the hubs laced up to lightweight aluminium rims. These are then wrapped in Bridgestone dual-sport rubber with their width measuring 110 and 150 respectively. Now the suspension could be rebuilt, which includes slightly lowering the front with new springs.

This results in a steering angle of 64.5°, which provides for a much more compliant ride on all kinds of surfaces. Of course with LSL a major part of the project, their XO1 handlebars slot into a set of their own riser, and the instrument cluster gets a new mount to allow it to flip forward, allowing access to the key, in this package that is now far more compact than the factory offering. Finally, to make the rider feel perfectly at home, LSL BOW levers are fitted and allow for 6-way adjustment, to get them exactly where you want them.

Already a stunning looking motorcycle from the factory, the fuel tank is stripped of its stock paintwork and resprayed in a matte finish that helps to give a modern re-interpretation of the original RUMBLER vibe. The seat unit was then reshaped and covered in a highly durable material, ready for the kind of crazy adventures that the first bike was able to survive. “Thanks to the support of Triumph Germany, Bridgestone, Motoism, Klaus Thiele, and last but not least Wim Peters.”

‘RUMBLER 1200’ will be presented to the public at the Club Of Newchurch for the first time, before crossing the Pyrenees once again and finishing at Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, a 10 year journey in the making that results in two triumphant scramblers.

JvB-moto – Instagram | Photos (and big thanks) Marc Holstein ]