Here’s one out of left field. Long-time mate and master bike builder Paul McKinnon has gone and got himself one of those fancy pants digital videos featuring him, his shop, and some of the beautiful bikes that he makes. Actually, Scott and I are a little embarrassed because, yet again, after talking about doing something like this we’ve been beaten to the punch by one of those annoying, non-procrastinating types of guys you meet every so often. In this particular case, the guy’s names are Sam Coutts and Michael Tyson (!) and it looks like they’ve done a pretty good job in capturing Paul’s schtick. The feature bike of the piece is Paul’s 1940 Harley “Cojones,” a bike we’ve featured here before along with many others. Actually, despite the fact that we didn’t do it, it’s a pretty solid little feature. Grab a beer and enjoy.