You are an average guy like you or I that finds himself in his hometown with two days to spare. You round up a few mates and enjoy some cleansing ales. And then you enjoy a few more. And then you get thrown out of the ale house. Then you find another one. Then you show a stranger how to break dance “new skool” style. Then things get a bit vague. You wake up the next morning not sure where you are and realise you’ve lost your phone and you have strange purple bruises on your legs.

Or maybe you are cinematographer Andrew David Watson and you find yourself in your hometown of Philadelphia with two days to spare. You round up a mate called Adam Cramer who also happens to be a true character and a vintage bike freak. You enjoy a few truly amazing on-camera conversations. And then you enjoy a few more. Then you spend a few hours shooting the guy’s shop. Then things just get better. You wake up a few weeks later with the final edit of what is one of the best short films we’ve seen in a very long time.

Here’s Andrew. “So if you know me personally, you know that I love anything with two wheels.  The only other “job” that I have had (other then working as a filmmaker) was as a bicycle mechanic in high school and college. This two wheeled passion has evolved into working on and fixing up vintage motorcycles, mostly Hondas.

There is an amazing vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia called “Liberty Vintage” run by an awesome dude named Adam. I have always wanted to do a short doc on the shop, and the other week I found myself in Philly with all my gear, so I called him up and he was game.

Its easy to get caught up in real life, paying the bills, and working on other people’s projects, etc… but I decided that I really wanted to & needed to do a personal project, something that from start to finish I can call my own. Hanging around Adam’s shop for two days was great, and the footage I got was even better. I typically hate editing, but I couldn’t wait to start this edit!”