You may remember back in September, when we teamed up with Cam at Stories of Bike to create a little video called ROADS WE RIDE for Transport for NSW’s motorcycling safety initiative. Well guess what? It went gangbusters, so they asked us to make another one.

This time we ventured about an hour north of Sydney to a stretch of road that pretty much every biker in the city knows – the Old Pacific Highway. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s an old piece of road that used to connect Sydney with her neighboring city of Newcastle to the north. Know Route 66 in the US? Well, ever since the ‘Old Pac’ was superseded by the ginormous M1 Motorway in 1963, it’s been pretty much become a country lane, albeit one that’s a real motorcycling mecca on weekends.

So naturally, we decided to feature it in this, our second ROADS WE RIDE episode. It also features our good mate Rodney ‘Champo’ Champness, who’s been a fan of the road ever since tagging along on his dad’s courier run when he was a kid. The episode also features his pride and joy, a butter yellow Deus ex Machina Harley café racer.

It’s not just intended for local riders, we genuinely think that pretty much anyone who rides will get a kick out of it. Like before, we’ve roped in a whole bunch of other Aussie motorcycling institutions including; the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Throttle Roll, Return of the Café Racers, Tank Moto and Rising Sun Workshop to help us spread the word.

We’re pretty damn proud of what we’ve done. We hope you like it, and we’d really like to hear from you in the comments as to how we could maybe improve things for episode 3. Ride safe.