Transport for New South Wales approached us earlier in 2016 to help keep riders safe. Specifically, they wanted us to start a conversation with our peers around how to stay safe on the roads we love riding.

So Pipeburn, in conjunction with our good mate Cam over at Stories of Bike, were let loose to show how we’d do things. Sadly, our first idea where we were flown by space shuttle to the South of France for a month-long biker party in our very own Chateau was rejected almost immediately. But then we came up with something called ROADS WE RIDE. Put simply, it’s real local riders talking about their custom bikes, their favorite pieces of road and the things they do to make their ride safe. This first episode features our good mate Chris, who’s just about the most Zen guy we know, riding his Bonnie tracker along Sydney’s famous Putty Road.

Yes, it’s intended for local riders, but we genuinely think that pretty much anyone who rides will get a kick out of the episode. We’ve also roped in a whole bunch of other Aussie motorcycling institutions including The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Throttle Roll, Return of the Café Racers, Tank Moto and Rising Sun Workshop to help us spread the word.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done. We hope you like it, and we’d really like to hear from you in the comments as to how we could maybe improve things for episode 2.