They’re some of the most wicked fun you can have on two-wheels and produce some truly incredible racing, and yet this category of motorcycle is barely considered by the major manufacturers. In terms of price to fun ratio, the Supermoto is arguably the best thrill seeker money can buy, and yet from the factory floor there are but only a few notable models available. So when Yamaha got in touch with Bali’s Treasure Garage to hand them a new XSR155 for the Yard Built program, the boys knew exactly what they wanted to do. Lightweight and lethal, this pint-sized pocket rocket has been given an incredible makeover and should provide the Iwata factory with a very big hint for a future model.

Bali is a place you go to have fun and with tight streets and backroads, the small Supermoto makes perfect sense. It is also a style of racing that drastically enhances one’s skill, just look at the Bostrom Boys or Christian Iddon for racers who have honed their skills going sideways. And as an Australian, going to Bali for a surfing and two-wheeled adventure is almost a right of passage, the band Red Gum made a song about it forty years ago. “Got myself a Honda, had to get away, no brakes, bald tyres, five thousand rupees a day, I’ve been to Bali too!”

But the motorcycle scene on the beautiful Indonesian island has come a long way since then and helping to lead the charge has been the talented team at Treasure Garage. Headed up by Imanuel Prakoso, his dream is now a reality, a full-service custom bike shop, with a showroom, merchandise for sale and making it a great place to hang out, an onsite barista. For the XSR build the little neo-retro Yammie would get a total transformation and the team gave a big hint at their direction with the name Nitro 155.

The second they had it on the lift, the brand new bike from Yamaha was torn down, and no sooner had the last stock part hit the floor, than the grinder was then spun into life. With a pair of flip flops on, OH&S eat your heart out, the cutting wheel was used to remove the entire subframe and tank support to leave just the delta box frame and swingarm. Then the design was started and rather than sketch it out on paper, the boys brought it to life in welding rod to create a 3D replica.

Now they could begin to shape the alloy that would form the monocoque body, incorporating the tail, side covers, and tank cover. It even flows forward over the front end of the bike and there is not a single break in the metal from the very end of the tail to the sides of the radiator covers. Underneath it is supported and held in place by an all-new frame section, neatly welded and pieced together. While taking care of the functionality meant building a new fuel cell that would fit underneath and fit in the fuel pump.

With the body of the bike complete, two more pieces would be brought to life in a similar fashion to finish the look. The first is the very Supermoto-esque headlight cowl and integrated high rise front fender, again all brilliantly built to form one single piece. The same can be said for the belly pan, again its bold 3D shape gives the little bike an added sense of muscle and helps to frame out the single-cylinder engine. Finally, the fenders, a custom cut back item for the front, and a floating swingarm pivot piece for the rear.

The bold yellow paint with brushed metal effect for contrast is the perfect choice and continues onto items like the Acerbis handguards. These are mounted on an all new set of flat bars on custom risers, with the mirrors mounted inboard for a clean look. The XSR comes with a wonderful colour dash, a great addition for the price point, but it simply looked too big for the build and a KTM style unit allows it to be flush mounted. The stock engine is allowed to scream, with the bulky stock exhaust system replaced with new pipework that runs under the engine. 

A factory slipper clutch is perfect for hard riding and the guys replaced the brakes with a bigger package from Anchor. To get the look the mag style wheels had to go and alloy rims with new spokes deliver the look, with a big 160 section tyre for plenty of control when throwing the bike sideways.

One last touch that ticked my box is the brilliant custom indicators, illuminating out of custom cut acrylic. Yes, Bali biking has come a long way since it was rusty Honda step-throughs, and it’s clear to see why the likes of Treasure Garage are leading the pack.

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