If you’re anything like us, you baby your rides – probably more than you baby yourself, or even your partner. Bike covers, wax, polishing, and a nice warm garage to keep them out of the elements. But you can’t help but feel a little precious when you stumble upon a story like that of Ryan Wall’s. After rescuing a bike that was going to be trashed by a mate, he left it’s already shot and damage carcass under a tree in his folk’s tropical Brisbane yard for 6 years before he decided to make it his next project. Meet the bike that beat the rust and just got fast – AD&RM’s ‘The Pickle.’

“I am 23 years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have always been into rebuilding bikes, but this was the first really different build I did, and the smallest. I am slowly working on starting a small motorcycle shop business called the ‘AD&RM Custom Motorcycle Company,’ from my father and my initials. He is also heavily into bikes. I named the bike ‘The Pickle,’ because of its green color and because it kind of looks like a naughty child that could get himself in some trouble.”

Ryan’s modifications were anything but minor. The cylinder was bored a third oversize and was plugged with a Wiseco piston. He powder coated the rims, added Titty Cushion grips and an aftermarket adjustable break and clutch lever. The headlight is a 5 1/4" bates style and it’s kept company with a DCC mini gauge. Hanging out with the engine is a Uni pod filter, along with the original KH100 exhaust, which seems to go really well with the whole project. There’s a hand-built built copper oil tank, and the gas tank has custom coloured done by Ryan himself. Finishing up the list are Duro tyres and a one off custom seat with quilt stitched leather.

The left side of the bike – it does exist

“The build took about 4 months to complete, working on it most nights after getting home from work with a lot of effort going into it over the last 2 weeks before I headed overseas. The bike had been bored out before we got it but only a 1st oversize, and it seemed appropriate to just go bigger than to hone the scratched bore, that and it gives it a bit more go! The grips and speedo were purchased off of Dime City Cycles. The oil tank was made by us, out of copper and hand polished to complete it perfectly. The tank is off a Z200 with a custom paint job also done in house.

The cases are hand polished to pretty well a mirror finish. The seat upholstery was done by a small shop in Brisbane and sets the bike off perfectly. The engine had to be fully rebuilt, as it was sitting for so long, everything had to be flushed, cleaned, and blasted to get rid of the corrosion, dirt and oily mud. All the engine seals, bearings and pins were replaced. If there was a seal or bearing on the bike, it’s now new. The tyres are a Duro h33 from Tyres for Bikes in Brisbane. There’s a 2.75 front and a 3.00 rear. They are wider than stock but still so narrow!”


“It sat under the mango tree in my parents yard
for 6 years before I decided to do any work to it”


“There was only about 50% of the bike when we picked it up of a work colleague who was throwing it away. It sat under the mango tree in the back of my parents yard for 6 years before I decided to do any work to it. We didn’t feel it was worthy being stabled beside the other bikes in the workshop. Now its 2nd in line! It was hard to get a picture in my head to what I really wanted it to look like, but I am pretty happy with the outcome of the whole bike. Hope you like it, too.”