Hallo My Friends, let me introduce my artwork we can call it 175 Tracker, this motorbike made from old motorbikes by Java Motor, some people says and always thinking if the bike had memorable old-fashioned and classic, so in this case therefore with this 3D software I try to make a custom motorcycle concept with tracker style, wrapped in a classic aura that should not be lost , then the use of parts must be considered, such as girders on the forks, drum brakes, rim & spokes type, Unibody that wraps from the tank to the tail with streamlines style, to the use of the rear rim that is covered with a disc style of moon eyes, than also we can see the muffler style it reinforces the character and identity that this is a tracker / scrambler-style motorcycle, in addition to the use of dual-purpose tires. I just combine some of characters between the old fashion into the roughed style and we have that’s bike concept now more strong and ready to rock :)). So I think that’s all I have, as you know I’m not a good a story teller, but any way thank you has provided land to work amid this pandemic disaster, hopefully we are always in good stay health and hope you enjoy it.

– Sorry about my english –