All the parts you see were custom made, by me out of stainless steel, metal finished and polished. All the control pieces, body modification and molding, frame work, seat etc are my own work. There are a lot of modifications that are unseen in a picture like the hidden seat glide through the fender. 1″ dropped axle plates to sit more level with 4+ front end. Reshaped some original Harley parts like the early pan triple trees, modified Harley oil bag, and some transmission parts.
I did all the body work, painting, gold leaf gilding and pin striping. The salmon color is a one off mix i did with paneling, gold leaf striping and gold leaf flames finished with a pink pinstripe.

besides a few accessories, and Harley parts, everything was been either custom made or modified, the only parts untouched are the wheels i built.

Thank you!