1972 CS5E
Shortened subframe (factory loop just pulled 6 inches inward)
Shaved seat brackets, seat lock, helmet lock
Custom seat pan
Seat leather comes from an old leather jacket, sewn by my lovely neighbor, Madeline, and upholstered by myself
Custom tank mount to bring up the rear of the tank 5/8″
Spray can paint job on the tank, headlight, and headlight ears, wet sanded and polished
Lowered forks via custom ride height spacers
Lowrise handlebar with original levers and switches
Smaller speedo from the wrecker, polished and mounted on a custom aluminum bracket
Tiny neutral light mounted in headlight bucket
Flipped the headlight ears to lower the bucket about an inch
Shortened and lowered front fender
Custom aluminum front fender bracket
Custom tail/stop light made from one of the old pistons and a red bicycle reflector lense
Oil reservoir made out of a toy jerry can
Custom oil reservoir “pedestal”
Custom belly pan which houses the battery, regulator and flasher relay
Belly pan is held in place by cotter pins and a pivot point at the rear so it can be flipped down for access and features external charging posts for the battery
Engine was rebuilt with new pistons, rings, seals, and gaskets
Cylinders and heads were painted with high temp BBQ paint, then the edges of the fins sanded and polished
Carbs are rebuilt
Air box made out of a pencil case
New tires
New wheel bearings
New chain and sprockets
Custom license plate bracket

All work was done by myself in my single car garage with simple tools. All parts and hardware that could be reused, were. There is not a single piece that hasn’t been touched and, thanks to the steep learning curve, I did everything at least twice before I was happy with it.