Totally unmolested frame with matching vin on engine cases and frame.
Lowbrow Wix tanks.
Sight guage installed on right tank showing fuel level.
Lowbrow Customs spare fuel bottle, color matched to the bike, is mounted on the front forks at the handle bars.
Vintage 2 pieces handle bars with spiral type internal core throttle wire utilizing the original in the bars, control switches.
-2″ under springer front end and dual discs.
Custom made front brake manifold for the dual discs.
The ratchet top 4 speed transmission has been fitted for a jockey shifter with an eight ball pool ball knob.
The fender struts are custom bent 1″ steel cold roll round stock ending at the rear into a 1-7/8″ trailer hitch ball.
True dual exhaust pipes, left & right sides going 45 degree up sweep into fishtail straight pipes, that contain milds baffles, and pipes are wrapped.
Floorboards. Clutch pedal customized from a ’69 Camaro clutch pedal, positive stop installed, and custom length cutch cable mfr’d by Barnett.
Round swingarm slightly modified to accept rear disc brake set up from an ’81 FLT.
Solid rear trick rim, no front fender, front rim from ’98 Lowrider, Baja tires on front and rear, front 19″, rear 16″.
’32 Ford rear tail light.
Rear fender has rear 1/2 cut off with tinsnips and pike nuts decorate every where on the bike, tastefully.
Engine has upper end new rebuild, is 80 inch and runs with S&S Super E Shorty carb and air cleaner.
Compensator sprocket is 22 tooth geared for low end torque to pull a load, or get off the line quicker.
Motorcycle is completely newly rewired.
Air scoop on left side also houses the starter button and hides the flasher module inside it, as there are only front signals tucked low in front of the gas tanks.
Trailer hitch wiring contain turn signals, running lights, brake lights, in a 5 wire plug set up.
The horn is sandwiched between the tanks, and the ignition switch is three position.
High/low beam vintage switch is utilized on the handlebar.
Old school plug wire connections, solid copper plug wires, and electronic ignition.
Custom machined indicator light display, from billet aluminum, mounted on the handlebar clamp with a toggle switch for turn signal control.