I originally came across the Hercules in a dumpster where i started my automotive apprenticeship. The bike had belonged to the owners son , frustrated with it not starting he had thrown it out . Upon asking the my owner I obtained the bike & ownership & with a quick carb clean soon had it running . “The Herc” as it came to be known , endured much mistreatment from high school party’s to comically being entered in a motocross race , it lead a hard life . Years later I came across the bike in storage , collecting dust & considering I now owned my own custom fabrication shop I decided it was time to pay homage tho the bike that had given me so much . The Sachs was completely sandblasted , customized , & painted with an original color . Fitted with bigger more aggressive wheels , as well as many other track inspired parts ( for its motocross background) To top it off an 80cc big bore kit & upgraded centrifugal clutch was installed to make the Hercules perform as well as its spirit. This bike is a part of our family & will surely live on to have many more stories to tell.