The frame: It’s the back bone of a wrecked/rusty 1975 Ducati 860gt, bits of a late ducati 750ss frame, bits of a 900ss frame, and a bunch of hand made stuff (mainly out of scrap around my shop).
The running goodies: a 2002 fuel injected ducati 900ie motor/ trimmed and modded harness to suit the old style frame/ 3d printed velocity stacks/adapters to get the filters to fit properly in the tight upper frame/ hand built headers (out of old ducat headers i had around) to retro style bub mufflers.
The wheels: the front is a yamaha rd350 hub and brembo rotor, laced to an 18″ shouldered rim with a nissin 4 piston caliper… the rear is a ktm 690 cush drive rear hub (from warp 9) and ebc rotor, laced to an 18″ shouldered rim with a brembo caliper…. both wheels have Conti GO! tires on em
The lighting: front is a yamaha bucket, rear is a nos CEV rear assembly from the 70’s
The body work: front fairing, side covers, fenders, and tail section are for a 70’s 900ss and the tank is an Imola reproduction.. all of these with the exception of the rear fender/side covers are swap meet finds from the past decade that have been hanging in my shed.
The suspension: front is suzuki sv1000, rear is a set of old adjustable koni’s from a guzzi 1000 i had.
paint: House of Colors silver flake on the bodywork, the frame is Imola green frame green (used a mazda paint code)
this thing is 100% bitsa