Hell-N-Back-started life as a 1975 ironhead….it was actually my first Harley I bought back in the early 90’s. Rough when I got it -fixed it up and rode it for few years- bought a old Shovelhead loved it-so this one just sat in my shop. Then I got the itch to build one from the ground up..so that’s when Hell-N-Back came into my mind.Built the frame-using just a tubing bender. Built the tank with a home made brake I had made. And then just went nuts creating demon parts-wanted it to look like I went to hell and killed a demon and used its body parts on my bike. Hard to see all the details in just one pic-but everything is metal-took me way to many hours to even count. Some things you can’t see are a heart that the gas lines run through, the battery box looks like a saddle bag covered in demon skin. There is no paint on this bike-I masked off flames and rusted those areas and then clear coated everything. It’s also a right hand suicide shift. And yes I catch a lot of shit about it being dangerous to ride with all the sharp objects-but I ride it anyway!