This build actually started off with another bike, in november ’18 still a cb400f 75 model but it wasn’t the best donor to start with, originally purchased from the sweetest old man who owned it for the last 30 years and being sitting in his garage for the last 10.. real condition of the bike weren’t very clear on the ad and while standing in front of it talking to old mate i’ve realised that apart from the various missing parts, the whole bike went under Brisbane river’s muddy water during the 2011 flood and the once totally restored and blueprinted engine was now siezed, parts were lost during moving out of the flooded house and rust got most of the chrome, so.. a full restoration was needed , it wasn’t just an easy project, but old fella’s frustation of not being able to work on it anymore plus all the lowballers he came accross made me put that bit extra motivation into this project so I went from pulling away to a done deal!
once the bike was home I’ve strted pulling the wheels apart and get them powder coated, then i’ve got carried on with other long term project and sort of left it aside, purchased a spare engine and slowly kept looking for further bits and pieces until I’ve found a restored &forgotten cb400four, 76 model in good condition. Similar deal, the guy restored with the help of a family member long time ago when he was still 100% mentally and phisically able to spend his spare time wrenching and getting creative in the massive shed at the back of his property, and fortunately when decided ho hung up his helmet kept the old bike undercovered and dry, engine had good compression and only minimal rust spots, just a couple of ugly 1980s mods but definitely a very good donor. We’re back in business!

I’ve managed to put the 75 models and spare engine up for sale and recovered a good amount to start off with the 76.
Even if new donor wasn’t ridden at all after full resto, it still needed work to get back to running condition, then once i was able to start it and heajb crativer her running again i’ve decided not to revolution original design much but to make it all round enjoyable, classic but smart. In my collection there are already 3 bikes with clip ons so this 400f will see its bars raised rather than lowered, improve suspension and ground clearance a flat bench seat for more “regolarita'” but with some technology, led lighting, digital speedo cluster , and electronic ignition.
Starting from a very healthy bike for the first time I didn’t have to go through a full engine rebuild (which means two things: lots of money and hepas more time before completion) So Ive managed to respray and service the still going strong engine and match it with new dyna 2000 ignition system, fully rebuild and tuned carburetors with k&n pods, and exhaust replica of the very iconic 4 into 1 400 supersport headers with cutom made uprise megaphone muffler, coated in ceramic black they actually match the wheels and suspension and to thanks to their off the right side design they leave good grond clerance which is important for the new purpose of the bike. I’ve then personalised the stator cover with a 3d printed badge with Francis Von Tuto Logo which has been made by my mate Josh Bailey from Port&Hide and JB creative, a cnc allumimium version is on its way
from front to rear those massive instruments, indicators and lights were ditched alongside the chromed guards.
at the front i’ve installed mid height chromed bars with bar end led indicators, a daytona speedo and tacho gauge tops the black powder coated tripple clamps were for the headlight I’ve opted for a 4.5 inch super bright led unit and fabricated a custom U shped steel stay to suit, front guard comes from one of my past built “box of ugly original parts” shortened by 6 inch, rewelded and fitted under the lower clamp using a dedicated custom steel braket which has been welded at the back of the yoke before proceeding with powder coating.
forks and brakes are stock, fully rebuilt with genuine components, same as per the wheels, rebuilt and powder coated, a braided brake line and some mods to the front suspensions were made to upgrade the rideability and match rear suspension units which have been replaced with better performing + 30mm extended gazi shocks
the rear end is completed by the short mudguard, same origin as the front one (CD250U) modified to suit the different frame, which only allow room to a numberplate and numberplate light, indicators and tail light are located in very small and well executed one piece led units bolted on the very back end of the chassis. on our way to the main piece of the bodywork we find a beautifully executed and very nostalgic flat seat stiched by north brisbane upholstery experts Lee Bros, I’m pretty happy with the shape cause it gives the bike tha 70s “regolarita'” look.
the bodywork on this bike is reduced to two slim guards tank and side covers, and the fuel tank is definitely the star, a very clean and dent free piece, which has been re lined and professionally painted, the color I’ve chosen for tank and side covers is `a very fine metallic brown, what I’d call a “coca cola colour” , and inspiration for the artwork came up while at the paint shop choosing between all the varieties or gloss, metallic, candy and so on different colours.. i had this vision of two massive yelow wings nearly touching each other on top of the tank, so what better than a super sized classsic honda logo to take up as much surface as possible? all clculated to fit inside the tank shape. I’m pretty happy about the colous scheme, couldnt see this bike with any more chrome, i think that the grey in the engine, mudguards and brakes creates enough contrast with the black and brown, the yellow wings are just the cherry on top!
Coming down to the choice of tires i coudn’t go too wide on the those rims also because of the narrow widht of swingarm and forks and didn’t wanted to use any knobby to do not compromise the rideability but I still wanted a classic look and dunlop tt100 are as classic you can get, and its design really work with wire wheels so after calculating `the space available i’ve chosen 130/80-18 for the rear and 4.10-18 front
the only mods done to the frame are the seat’s hinges which have been removed