This 1977 BMW R100rs came to us in a partial state of customization, the subframe had been altered and a rear loop was fitted for a bulky flat seat, besides that, it was largely standard.
We stripped it down, relocated the new Lithium Ion battery, mounting under the gearbox/swing arm.
The engine is Ceramic coated black as are the headers and tailpipes.
A new seat was made, long enough to accommodate a pillion, and so it still maintained it’s racer look I snapped a seat cowl in steel that is removable.
I raised the new Koni rear shocks by 18mm so it’s stance is very aggressive.
The front end is where we did a lot of work:
A new aluminum top triple clamp replaced that crazy thin plate which is anodized black.
A single clock with speedo and all the idiot lights within it, is fitted with a aluminum bracket we made up to sit on the left fork just bellow the triple clamp, also anodized black.
Handle bar raises were made up un aluminum and anodized and a new set of black clubman handlebars fitted.
All the wiring from the hand controls runs inside the handlebars keeping it neat, no mean feat on clubman bars.
We took a mould of a bullet shaped headlamp that included a clock hole, we had used before and cleaned it into a sleek long bullet shaped headlamp, that for me is our signature when building these old Beamers, this is our second.
We wanted to create that look of a small tank perched on the frame without loosing the actual size of the tank, and to this end we relied on the paint.
The paint is split in 3 black, dove grey and metallic gunmetal grey, we split the tank in a two with the 1inch width dove grey line, in a roguish angle that also underpinned that aggressive look we wanted, everything under it is black, and everything above is metallic gunmetal grey.
The seat is in genuine leather and we also made the seat pan.
We are very happy with this build, and were pleased that it sold to client in Israel.