This is my first ever bike build and I am really happy with the result, I have been building it over the last 2 1/2 years. I had a vision of how I wanted the finished product to look and I chose a cx500 as a base because I loved the look of the v twin engine. I have made most of the components myself.

I started with a 2005 Gsxr Front end using gsxr wheel, callipers, forks and triples. The original front guard was in really good condition and I couldn’t bring myself to cut it so I heated it and shaped it to suit a slightly smaller 17in wheel. I bent up some solid bar for the mounts and put stainless steel eyelets on the ends and moved the guard further around the wheel to give it a better stance.

I’m running a Motoscope mini Gauge along with 2 Motogadget m.switch minis to keep all the clutter off the clip on’s and controlled by a m unit blue. I moved the start button to the centre of the stem nut and have a hidden key. I have never wired anything before and was really happy with the simplicity of the unit.

I really wanted a mono Shock bike so I cut the back end off, Made a plywood template and got a bracket made from that. I shaped the tail from foam and had a local surfboard maker put the layers of glass on for me. (fibre glassing is on the list of things to learn before my next build!)

The tank is de-badged and raised at the back to suit the lines of the new tail and give it the stance/balance I wanted as that was a really important part of my build, I stripped and polished the original filler cap to bring out the polished steel. I did all the painting and prep work myself.

I’m really happy with the stainless exhaust which I spent a bit of time working with a local bloke to get just look I was after. I rebuilt and polished the carbs, changed the jetting and added pod filters. The frame,wheels and engine I coated in a high temp ceramic paint and then polished all the fins by hand. I have replaced all the bolts with stainless steel cap heads to go with the stainless and black look I was after.

I have tried to keep this build to a budget and not go overboard with things. I am proud to enter it in this comp.