Yamaha XS850, Rebuilt engine, from 826 to 900 ccm, rebuilt gearbox, and mikuni carbs adjusted from a 2000 mod Triumph Thunderbird
Rear frame shorted, handmade loop, with integrated led taillight, with a lot of grinding, welding and cutting.
Seatpan handmade in sheetmetal, with a seat done in black nirox.
Tank from a XS750, lowered in the front, and lifted 3 mm in the rear to fit the “line” in the bike.
Headlight mount are welded into the lower triple tree.
Frame and wheel painted in white pearl metallic.
Sheet metal painted in self mixed brown/grey/ bronze matte color.
Modern shocks in the back from YSS, but look classic.
Frontend are triple trees from GSXR, legs from a Ducati 796 and brakes from FZR1000 and Aprilia. Original wheels fitted together with front and brakes.
Rear brakes are original front brakes, mounted under instead of over, to be smaller and not draw attention. Drilled original disc.
Tires from Mitas for that enduro look.And they actually works great!
Original rebuilt charging and Ignition, wired together with a Moto Gadget M-Unit, M.G. Tiny, M-Lock and M-Switch mini.
Battery from Antigravity, and a small cover underneath the seat to cover all electric.
Minimalistic is the idea and goal, all done in the shed
The Therapy logo is made by a friend of mine, inspirited by triumph of course.

This is my Therapy bike.