This bike is actually a three partie build. I purchased it from a guy who started the build but eventualy sold it online. He was heading to a Café Racer look.
But as I’m more into Scrambler/Brat Style bikes, I wanted to give it a twist in that direction.
Unfortunately I’m not a great mechanic, so I startet with esiear things, like changing tires an building the seat and took the bike to a shop afterwards. I talked to the guys what l had in mind and they finished the build.
Obviosly Patrick Sauter’s CX was a huge inspiration for the look I wanted for the bike.
After the first test ride the engine broke down and had to be replaced.
To pass the inspection we had to do some test regarding the aftermarket mufflers and pod filters, but everything worked out.

Details for the build:
5,75″ JW Speaker Headlight
Custom build tube fork covers/headlight mount
Motogadget tiny speedometer
Tape wraped handle bar
Bare metal tank, uncoated with rust and patina for a rough look
Rear frame loop
Powder coated frame and rims
Carpet as Seat, mounted on an old Skateboard deck
YSS rear Shocks
Moved the Ignition lock under the seat
Heidenau Scout tires