The motorcycle has been created on the basis of Yamaha XV750 SE from 1981. The main assumption was to make the motorcycle look great and drive well but also to make it technically efficient. Therefore, we have put an attention to the engine and electricity. The vision of shape has evolved during the proces of construction and as a result it is a bit different from the initial image. However, now I like it even more.
The motorcycle, apart from Cafe Racer style was supposed to be both comfortable and safe. At the beginning the front suspension (after full service) has been changed and breaks have been adopted from Yamaha YZF-R1 RN19 where apart from so-called upside-down there is also Brembo 6-piston brakes together with a radial pump which perfectly deals with stopping the motorcycle. Clip-on steering wheel with Motogadget (shifters, mirrors and indicators) give a sporty style and they match a golden clutch lever and Rizoma brakes. Acewell meter is responsible for indicating speed and it shows, among others, engine rotation and fuel level. Reflektor
The headlight is a typical British 7” Style. After many tank fittings in order to stand out I’ve decided on the one from Honda CBX which should have been adjusted to the motorcycle frame. It was important to me it had fuel level sensor, as my computer/indicator has such function- everything has to work well. Classic black color combined with golden lines (pinstriping) and 3D Yamaha logo add great style. It is perfectly completed with profiled seat customized metal tail with a LED light installed and Pin Motogadget indicators. An old back shock absorber has been replaced with TFX Suspension set. The exhaust system has been modified into 2 in 1 with GP style silencer what sounds and looks attractive and thanks to it under the balance leveler there was still some space for lithium-ion battery and tension adjuster. In order to maintain minimalistic look and motorcycle line, insted of typical Air-Box we have placed K&N filter in the frame and at the end regulated carburetor using Dyno-Jet set. It has been completed with 17 inches custom-made spoked wheels with AVON M26 tyres on.