My first bike build…took way longer than I expected it to be but turned out perfect for me.
It used to be a police bike in the netherlands some time age. The bike is quite small and good to handle.
I bought it and basically ripped it apart within one week. Without having much knowledge about motorcycles but an exact image in mind of what I wanted it to be like.
Classic Café Racer look mixed with modern technologies.
Started off by turning it to a one-seater, removed the second pair of foot rests and all unnecessary stuff that came with it.
Chopped the original front fender and used the rest of it for the rear fender.
Black mini LED turn signals in the back were set into the chopped frame so they can’t be seen at first sight. Combined with a mini rear and brake light (integrated in the seat bump) you gain a very clean and decent optic.
All indicator lights were integrated in the headlight housing.
Two stainless air pod filters to keep the middle section clean and the frame empty. The electronics and the battery are completely stored underneath the seat and the seat bump.
A smith-style tachometer is placed in the middle above the original main light.
The electronic ignition from Silent Hektik did it’s job perfectly.
The Moto Guzzi controls were cleaned and re-used (in Germany they are called “Gummibären”-Schalter, which translates to gummy bear switches, because of the use of green, red and yellow coloured switches).
Cleaned the upper tripple clamp to have a cleaner look with the use of Fehling clip ons.