At the front we find a fork KTM 950 SM lowered and treated with a matte black ceramic coating as Brembo radial calipers are coupled to a radial master cylinder PR 19 RCS. We find a hub of 990 Adventure which also took a few hours to adapt it to the fork and braking of the 950 SM, equipped with petal disc in diameter 310mm. The front wheel is mounted with a black anodized rim in stainless steel 17 x 3.5 ” for the finest effect of a Continental TKC 80 tire in 120 x 17. In order to simplify and lighten the rear end of the bike as much as possible, the entire original suspension, arm and transmission system has been removed and replaced. This is undoubtedly the part that required the most hours of work: indeed the swingarm and the rear axle was replaced by a set of CX 500 that can shorten the bike and also its secondary transmission. Everything has been changed: shock absorber system, chassis, rear brake system, arm bearings, custom gimbal … The damper is a Showa from a Yamaha R6 again the settings have been reviewed and a tailor-made spring was designed.
The rear brake is equipped with complete Brembo, you will note the detail on the engraved rear brake disc! The rear hub is in aluminum cut in the mass there also to measure, it allows to radiate a black anodized rim in 17 x 4.25 ” there also one finds the stainless steel radius and a tire TKC 80 in 140 x 17. Among the modifications of the chassis we note the modification of the damper system which is found equipped with the PDS system that equips KTM cross, the creation of the rear loop that incorporates fire and flashing leds, except the removal and creation of different support and other steering stop, the vice is pushed to the manufacture of the stand and its aluminum tip. The choice to keep the line of the original tank was not so simple since it is completely modified to fit a lightech aluminum hatch, the sides are cut to reveal the carburetors and the cylinder head and it is raised on its rear part. The capacity of the tank has been reduced to hide under it all the electrical part: battery, central Moto Gadget, M Lock, relay relay … The custom aluminum seat base that houses the regulator, the only electrical component that is not placed under the tank for cooling, is covered with a brown skai, a creation entrusted to kabuki Saddlery. The engine has been completely dismantled to be controlled and restored. So we took advantage of this disassembly to put on a new satin black dress with a grained effect obtained after a ball peel with stainless steel. Note the difference in color of certain parts such as rocker cover, oil filter, clutch cover painted in matt black to remind the coating of the fork.
Finally, a few hours of polishing were necessary for all the small pieces and logos whose raw finish was preserved. Finally as on all the rest of the bike the screws are stainless steel and each screw is of course polished in the way as it is customary for an exemplary finish at Freeride Motos. For the good cooling of this engine, the original radiator and its expansion tank are preserved: the radiator is repainted in black satin is equipped with side plate Honda aluminum cut in the mass. The expansion tank is repainted in matt black, as are the fork protectors and coated with the same varnish as the tank which incorporates orange flakes. One of the main parts of the motorcycle is the exhaust fully homemade stainless steel that takes the engine V and equipped with a silencer Leovince placed under the engine. The fully refurbished carburetors are equipped with Uni filter.
The cockpit is not left with a high-end equipment: Dominos commodos, Pro Taper clutch control, Domino aluminum quick draw, Brembo radial brake master cylinder, Moto-gadget handlebar turn signals, PXP handlebar black and race Domino coating. The electrical circuit is made to measure as well as all the Venhill cables, the air hoses are entrusted to Goodridge equipped with aluminum fittings. The start is via a contactor M Lock Moto gadget, the miniature counter is a Velona and the headlight multi Led is surmounted by a plaque bearing the race number of Fabio who is a former pilot of world supermotard. This plate is in aluminum cut in the mass, it was machined with the radiator side plates, the rear brake disc and the personalized keychain by Nicolas de MCNC. Finally the only painted piece of the bike is the tank that sports an original orange mat, supported by orange glitter integrated varnish which according to the different lights is the most beautiful effect! The bike was discovered by its owner once finished and what was his surprise by discovering the tank logo emblazoned are number fetish and all the many details found everywhere on this bike: vase cap expansion, frame cap, footrest plates, headlight bracket and many other details in stainless steel or aluminum cut in the mass. This motorcycle despite its appearance has required hundreds of hours of work, the desired result is obtained, it is a true Freeride: an original bike, stripped, nasty with an exemplary finish. In short, a motor with two wheels!