Raised the back of the tank by 35mm, bent and inserted the rear loop at an angle is it would create the end point for the new seat pan shelf, that created a clean line from the tank to the end of the seat.
The paintwork on the tank is a fifties inspired spearmint and antique white, with a burnt orange pinstripe. the pattern is asymmetrical, so the tank is reminiscent of the seventies crazy asymmetrical flake paint jobs.
The seat is Veg Tanned leather, and is based on a western style horse saddle using the inspiration in the edge stitch, (Mexican Peasant Stitch) done by our great friend Nielen at Sparrow Leather.
The rear fender became the front fairing giving the front the look of the head of the alien in the Alien movies. we side mounted the headlamp and it cleaned the front up nicely.
Wheels were stripped down, powder coated the rims and hubs, and used black chrome spokes from Newson Sportech.
A new stainless steel exhaust pipe was made to sit up close and tight above the crank cases giving it a scrambler look which we wrapped to protect the rider.
The engine was rebuild with new piston and rings, flowed the head, and undercut the gearbox, a little overkill, but as it was apart we thought we may as well. We also put in new clutch plates and Barnet HD springs.
We made a rear wheel shroud that matches the seat shelf to house the rear tail light and number plate with indicators mounted either side under the seat, as well as the front fairing to keep the bike legal and pass it’s roadworthy, after all it is her run around.
We were very happy with the project, hope you guys like it too.