Technical details:

BMW K75 „Dragstarr“
Selfmade single-sided rear end rigid frame
Aluminium “Duolever” front end from BMW K1200R , Cast rims from Ducati Multistrada: Front 3,5×17” Rear 6,0×17”
Transmission BMW K100 5 Speed, BMW R1200C Angel drive
Sportster fuel tank.

I’m 44 years old. My passion for all things mechanical goes back to my childhood when I help out my uncle work on cars.
This fascination for mechanics led me to modify my bicycles in every imaginable way starting with shorting fenders and extending the bicycle forks.
I currently share with friends a small 30sqm workshop in the central Munich. The lathe is my favorite tool because I find it highly satisfying to be able to implement my own ideas from sketch to hardware and consider the journey along the way as both my passion and the reward.

Believe me you ride on the motorcycle like a monkey on a grindstone (German idiom). But it’s still a lot of fun.

Oh, I just noticed that I forgot the front fender…

Fuel, respect & good luck! Ulf