When I bought this bike it had already had a “brat” makeover done. I did not like what had been done to it. So I made it my own.

What I have done to it:
– Black Coke Bottle grips.
– Renthal bars cut in half. Then mounted to clip on brackets.
– Honda CT200 speedo.
– Blended 2 different sets of mirrors to make the set I then fitted.
– Fuel tank off a 70s CB200.
– Seat was a aftermarket Lambretta Slope Back scooter seat cut down to fit.
– LED tail light
– LED Indicators
– Black Adder “Vintage” style tyres. Same size for both end.
– When I got the bike it came with Pod Filters fitted. I have taped them up to tune in the fuel/air mixture.
– Wheels painted matt black.
– Headers wrapped.
– Small after market headlight fitted.
– Fork gaiters fitted.
– Forks painted black.
– Top of forks wrapped in leather. Leather was blackened with boot polish.
– Front indicator mounts made from bread & butter knife handles.
– All exposed wiring wrapped in black fabric electrical tape.