I bought this bike in boxes with no idea whether it ran or not or whether anything was actually salvageable! In the end the only original parts of the bike that are left are the engine, front frame section and the rear hub. Everything else has been either repurposed from a variety of other bikes or completely custom built. The forks are from a Suzuki RMZ250 that I rebuilt and lowered by 150mm. The front hub is from the RMZ front end and the rear is the DR stock hub – both have been relaced to 17″ supermoto sized rims. The rear shock is lifted from a GSXR750 and fitted in to give the desired stance, the tank from a GN250 was pinched and new mounts fabricated to get it sitting nice and level. Even the rear guard was sectioned out of the centre of a massive Virago type cruiser guard! Everything else on the bike has been hand fabricated, the rear subframe, complete exhaust system (including muffler), the rear-set controls and brackets, electrical box, front guard mounts, and many other random mounts and brackets were all made to fit everything together. The engine was stripped down and completely rebuilt from the bare crank up with new bearings, seals and gaskets everywhere. Compression was bumped up to 10.5:1 it got a mild cam grind, head was all smoothed out and a mikuni TM-40 pumper carb bolted up to deal with fuelling. Once it was all painted and the engine slotted back in the entire bike was re-wired from scratch to run off a small lithium ion battery with minimal switches.
It’s great fun to ride, gets ridden to and from work every day and the bit of engine work that was done makes it great fun on the backroads round where I live.