Only thing original on this bike is the engine/trans and front end. Had it in various iterations since 2009.

Frame: Flyrite Chopper Smokin Gun

Front wheel: BMW

Rear wheel: HD w hand stenciled Firestone tire

Painted by my dad and me

Handlebars: Custom, white powder coated w Led Zeppelin lyrics “Choose the path where no one goes”

Frontend: Lowered stock 39mm forks w Lowbrow Customs fork shrouds and an old cat’s eye headlight

Sissy bar: Custom built by myself w dual offset taillights from Prism Supply

Seat: Custom reupholstered old La Pera w red and black striped leather by Counterbalance Cycles

Rear fender: handmade by 7 Metal West

Engine: S&S Super E carb w Church of Choppers “Bar to Bar” air cleaner and trimmed cam cover

Gas tank: Standard Sportster tank w custom John Candy gas cap