Hello! Thak You for this great event!
This is my hobby project
As about bike:
Frame, engine and wheels are from watercooled slingshot GSXR-750.
I left the frame untouched, I wanted everything to be simply bolt-on to the stock bike.
Engine has ported head, runs great. Carbs with handmade velocity stacks and the Ramair filters, jetted to run with these changes.
Wiring simplified, only charging, starter and ignition.
The gas tank and tail made from aluminim.
Both rear and front shock absorbers are GSXR 1000 K7.
Rear swingarm : 1 gen Hayabusa, extended. New dogbones and progression arm to make it work.
Front suspension: girder-type, made from bent aluminium tubes. Ball bearings in arms. Trail 90 mm, trail when compressed – 60mm (original telescopic fork has 30 mm when compressed). This gives better stability while braking. On the old airfield got over 220 km/h , handling is really stable.
Front brakes are 6-piston Tokico with radial master cilynder.

The bike is being tested on the airfield and the karting track, non-stop modified to make it better.
In future planning to install shorter rear swingarm and to make progression linkage for the girder.

Thank You!