The motorcycles are manufactured entirely from scratch, have 3 colors (white, black and gold) and bronze and copper finishes, for the tail (which was one of the most difficult parts to build) we made by hand the shape and size and decided to install the system of lights, position, turn and stop lights inside it, this gives a clean and super futuristic appearance at the same time.

The lid of the tank is a detail of another planet, is made of custom-made aluminum and carved by hand, according to our specifications and designs.

In the front, we recycled a Harley Davidson fender which we used to embed the light and give it that futuristic retro front finish, for the naphtha tank we used one of a 1979 Honda Supersport.

The exhaust is built from scratch in stainless steel and welded section by section, for the neck of the pipe we reused an exhaust Ducati Scrambler 800 2016.