Monkey Missile 125 Sidecar Outfit
We love going to events, meeting friends, popping down the beach and needed something small to pop about on and would fit in the Van with the other bikes and gear we cart around. I’ve always loved the little Honda Z50, its got such a cool fun vibe to it so that was the base plan. I found a Z50 copy (an original is too cool and costly to mess with for me) so the cheap copy was the perfect base. It’s had some “gnas” mods like the skateboard seat base/rear mud guard, front mudguard, BMX bars, skateboard truck headlight mount, handmade seat, skateboard truck side stand and the bit that cannot be missed a sidecar! I found the sidecar at a jumble a year before, it wasn’t off a mini bike but the potential was clear so a bought it, my little sons (3 and 5) thought it was great, my wife wasn’t so sure!Ha.
So the sidecar body was ok, alloy and riveted well, based on an old Westonian from back in the day. I welded up a box section frame, axel and mounts to get it onto the monkey bike. It is removable and adjustable (you’ve got to set a sidecar up pretty well or a “fun” ride becomes a “scary” ride). I trimmed the inside and made some seats to match the bike. I was thinking of putting the spitfire type jaws on but the cartoon missile seemed to fit the combination perfectly, hence the name. The wheel is a solid wheel barrow wheel that just happened to be the right size to match the knobbly tires on the bike. There’s two seats for little kids or remove the seating to cart petrol cans, tools, BBQ or beers around in the paddocks, fields and beaches. Sometimes though big kids get to play, it’s a bit of squeeze but such a laugh (you know us gnas boys). The bikes got a 125 tuned engine, 4 speed and goes pretty well two up, infact it will do 50MPH without trouble. For a laugh I rode it to work 10 miles, rode it right into the building to my room and parked it by my desk, colleagues were in stitches. For a fun bike its actually very usable, its great for popping to the shops, can filter through traffic and small streets and you can pick it up and put in the back of a car or van, it doesn’t take up much room on its own.
It always brings a smile to kids and adult faces, whether they are on it, in it or just watching it go by. Photo deeatethree