This recovered theft vehicle came to me from the previous owner that couldn’t fix what the thieves had left them with. True to its name, the Bandit 600 came with a criminal record. The lighting and all body panels were removed. After de-tabbing and shortening the frame, it was painted along with the engine. A head and tail light were donated by a 2018 Husqvarna Svartpilen to modernize the bike and keep things classy. The gauge cluster was reworked and minimized then mounted on the Svartpilen headlight bracket that was also modified and incorporated. The front calipers were rebuilt then I made a custom set of braided brake lines. The mini CRG hindsight mirror is mounted on the 7/8″ Rental bars which are capped with gray came Domino grips. The front fender was also reworked from the Svartpilen and the rear was custom made from the original Bandit piece. For the seat, the Vitpilen was a donor as it has a single piece seat instead of 2 piece. It has a great length and with but also modern styling and fresh foam to replace the 19 year old original. Fresh paint on the tank finished the job with the Aloha feel. 600ccs have never been so fun. PARTY on!