With the exception of the paint on the tank, I did all the work myself in my garage with hand tools, using parts mostly bought from Amazon, Partzilla.com and Cycle Gear. The stock tires were replaced with oversized knobby Shinkos for aesthetics and the occasional trail ride. The fenders were removed so the tires would fit, which necessitated the relocation of the rear turn signals, license plate and brake/tail light. The turn signals were replaced with low-profile LED lighting and the brake/tail light is also an LED, tucked under the cafe racer-style seat. Oversized shocks were installed to provide clearance between the seat and the rear tire. The mounts for the seat and rear lights were hand-fabricated to make everything fit and safety is enhanced with a flasher on the brake light and deer whistles on the front. The headlight is stock, topped with a Dart Piranha flyscreen painted matte black to match the side covers. The side cover decals were custom printed by a local sign shop and the tank was painted by a local body shop. The exhaust pipe was wrapped and painted flat black and the stock muffler was replaced with a Brogue-style bullet muffler, straight-through with no baffle. Down-turned clubman bars and low-profile, low glare mirrors completed the look at the front and provide a slightly tucked, but still comfortable riding position. The rear footpegs and chain guard were removed and the front footpegs were replaced with sport-bike style pegs shaved to fit.

To further help the engine breathe, the stock air box and snorkel were removed and the filter replaced with an open-element K&N filter. The secondary throttle plate was removed and I installed a Booster Plug to enhance performance. I also modified the gearing to make it more street-friendly by going up one tooth on the front sprocket and down two teeth on the rear.

Of all the bikes I’ve owned through the years, this is probably my favorite.