To start off we chopped the rear sub frame and re did it to our taste. Then we made a seat cowl and the seat pan from scratch. So it has a new seat as well. The swing arm is extended to a whopping 6 inches from the stock. We then lowered the bike by repositioning the rear suspension mounts and also the front suspension is machined and lowered. We fabricated a completely new front head light cowl. The upper T plate is original but redesigned. The exhaust system is again completely fabricated and is now placed under seat with two outlets on either sides of the frame (not visible in the picture). We have retained the original tank as it is very well made. We fabricated the tail light out of a small torch light. It’s got a after market LED head light with is usually used for Jeep Wrangler. It also has bar end indicators (not present during the picture taken). We redesigned the air box cover where we gave it three holes with a mesh. After market levers are also installed. The engine covers are powder coated. The bike has a completely new paint job. The ignition switch is re-positioned under the right side of the tank. There is a small rpm meter on the bike as well. The tyres are also changed on the bike.

I’m hoping you guys like this bike as well. Thank you once again for the great initiative you guys have taken.