Hello EV.3500 is our interpretation of the future of mobility. Yet, our desire for mobility has consequences: cities can be noisy, congested, and prone to smog. Far too many urban residents spend hours stuck in traffic; no one can escape airborne pollution.

Finally, mobility matters to people, whether this is getting to work or school with ease, visiting friends and relatives, or simply exploring one’s surroundings. What we are trying to concept is a motorcycle which powerful enough to go with the flow of growing ever-growing metropolitan cities like Jakarta, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

The design is sleek and futuristic. Is it cafe racer? Not really. We equip the bike with a 3,500-watt motor to tackle the harsh congestion of megalopolis, as well as to cruise easily on a highway. The body of the motorcycle will use aluminum and combine with carbon fiber panels on the inside to minimize the weight and optimize the power/weight ratio. One of the coolest things on the bike is the retractable or foldable steering or handlebar.