How much is it the branding and how much of it is the bike? Plenty of people will buy a Ducati simply because they’re cool, they make great bikes no doubt, but that is only part of the motivating factor, and plenty will pay extra simply for the right brand. So, breaking into the motorcycle business means competing with these established norms, and Washington State’s Droog Moto has decided for them to cut through, they’ll let their style do the talking. As a small-scale operation, it’s been a brilliant success and if their look and attitude are right for you, they’ve ensured there is a motorcycle to meet every need. To add a little pocket rocket full of fun to their range, they’ve teamed up with a well-known electric bike maker to produce the Droog-x-Burromax, for a high dose of little lithium attitude.

“You know we had to build a custom electric mini bike right? Here we are with the all-new Droog X Burromax TT1600R collaboration build,” Max tells us. Who along with his wife Erica are the power couple behind the Droog Moto brand. And this collaboration makes a whole lot of sense, with Droog already offering everything from a drift ready Hayabusa, to a 210hp supercharged street fighter, an electric brat bike and a host of other machines in their signature style. And it’s impossible to miss, every offering shares the satin black murdered out appearance, the same sharp and futuristic lines and of course their stunning LED light front number plates.

So when Burromax sent over a bike for them to test out, it didn’t take long for the team to know it would serve as the base for their next model. “Burromax sent us one of these rad little bikes to give the Droog treatment and we honestly couldn’t be more stoked on this little beast. It is an absolute blast to ride, I don’t care if you are a die-hard vintage motorcycle rider. You put anyone into bikes on this and they will have a good time!” And the good times are not curtailed by the price, with the mini bike boxed up and sent to your door in the lower 48 of the US of A for just US$3,200.

Before the Droog team work their magic on the aesthetic setup of the bike, the underpinnings from Burromax are from their big TT1600R model. The numerical figure represents the mid-mount motor, a brushless 1600-watt DC unit. The battery is no slouch either, being a 52V 23.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, that can be fully topped up using the 4 Amp 58.8V charger, which is included, in roughly 4-6 hours. There are four rider modes to select your level of fun and the top speed is 32mph with a solid 200lb rider on board. And based on the reviews we’ve seen, the real fun is the low-down torque that rockets you off the line and zips through bends.

Those worried about range need to remember this is after all a mini bike, and the 30 miles you get from the battery is a hell of a lot of inner-city fun, and about as much as you’re ever likely to do in a day on such a machine. Max instantly found the bike to have no worries with any of the usual enemies of electric, including steep hills and light off-road duty. And he and Erica have certainly given it the Droog treatment. The front fender starts the transformation off and is 3D printed in-house and a direct bolt-on swap for the original plastic.

The high mount item really gives the little beast some attitude and the front plate above just tops it off perfectly, with the company’s signature slash LED lights showing off their futuristic aesthetic. The tank cover is another brilliant addition, the texture adds to the vibe and the twin USB charging points have been retained, which Max has paired up nicely with a Quadlock mount on the bars for their in-house example. The seat however took a little more work, this section of the bike had to be completely redone.

And the extra effort is worth it, a genuine suede top with the company’s Hyper Fighter stitch pattern gives a look that defies the bike’s price tag. And to ensure the back end delivers that premium finish, a new brake/tail light combo has been neatly worked into the frame. “We wanted to make this a machine that could be fun and used for a variety of ages and riders. The posture and our wide bar kit allow riders over 6 feet to also fit on it.” The new bars retain all of the factory switch gear, so you have all of the OEM usability. The front forks are also the factory USD items, but Droog adds a performance rear shock to their ride.

Braking too is impressive, you get genuine hydraulic operation front and rear, with single calipers grabbing onto 180mm drilled discs. And when you learn that this machine weighs just 100 lbs, that’s more than enough stopping power to keep you out of trouble! Finally, the aluminium wheels get a set of custom covers to complete the transformation from mild to wild. So, for those who love the Droog styling and want a perfect partner for any of the company’s big bike offerings, or just for those who like to be silly on a mini, this machine has serious appeal. “We’ve built a lot of bikes over the years and this damn little bike is one of our favourites. When you ride a mini bike, electric or gas you feel like the world is your playground. We find ourselves choosing this to run errands on, quick joy rides or just wanting to blow off some steam.”

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