It’s one of the oldest disciplines of motorsport on the planet and while it might look simple to the outsider, part of the addiction to flat track racing is finding the ability to take those handful of turns just that little bit faster each time. The American manufacturers have been a dominant player for a long time, with the Japanese always biting at their heels, but now a European challenger has thrown their hat into the mix and they’re doing it a very different way. Trevor Motorcycles is a premium Belgium brand, that partners with some of the best suppliers in the business to produce truly exceptional two-wheel machines. Now they’re announcing an exciting new development, with orders officially open to US-based customers for their incredible DTRe Stella electric flat track machine.

Trevor sits as a pioneer in high-performance electric motorcycles with a ‘dirt bike’ bent, and proudly partners with some of the finest in the industry who also call Belgium home. And in the DTRe Stella, they now have a motorcycle with which they are confident will allow them to tackle the all-important American market; because when it comes to flat track, it’s simply the place to be. Like their road-legal machines, the DTRe is completely handmade in Belgium and the entire team has decades of experience, working with the biggest manufacturers in the business and all being passionate riders and racers.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be launching the DTRe Stella in the US market, and to continuously hear the amazing responses from our customers who absolutely love the look, feel and performance of the bike,” said Jeroen-vincent Nagels, co-founder and Technical Director, of Trevor. “The market is flooded with EVs, but Trevor comes in for those who are looking for a premium product that demonstrates a design-first approach.” And the company is very proud to offer a true performance machine, which has zero active emissions, zero pollution and a near-silent ride.

Helping to bring the DTRe to life is the company’s partnership with fellow Belgium EV racers, Sarolea Performance Technology, whose own work extends into aerospace and defence, where failure is not an option. The foundation of the bike is the stunning, lightweight trellis chromoly frame, matched to a CNC machined alloy swingarm. Too many other EV manufacturers have focussed on their motors and forgotten this fundamental element. To then add a serious suspension package Sarolea developed front forks and a rear shock using a host of the best Ohlins components.

The premium parts don’t stop there either, as Beringer is responsible for the entire braking package, powerful and yet lightweight. To match, the rolling stock is superb, built by Haan wheels using Excel rims, the 19in units front and rear are then wrapped up in Mitas flat track tyres, measuring 130 for the front and 140 for the rear. The monocoque body is straight out of the flat track playbook, with the raised tail and number boards perfect for the task. White is the default option, but you can order a body in any colour or print you can dream up, and spare fully painted body and seat units are available to order at a very reasonable price.

The all-important power and mileage range figures are where everyone starts to form strong opinions when it comes to electric motorcycles. The motor itself is an air-cooled brushless DC 3-phase which pushes out a peak power figure of 11kw. And instantly people are freaking out, but it’s torque that really matters here and the number is massive, 317Nm at the rear tire. A Yamaha R1 has about a third of that figure, and it should start to become obvious as to why the throttle mapping of electric bikes is so important, it’s for your safety. That torque gets to the rear wheel via a direct chain drive, single-speed, with an AFAM® chain.

The power supply is a C-Battery 2.7kWh Lithium-ion unit which is mounted in a storage pack, and positioned in the frame to achieve the best weight distribution and lowest centre of gravity possible. Utilising the 3Kw charger it’ll take just over an hour to return the unit to 100% charge having run the thing dead, whereas the smaller 1Kw charger will get you back to over 80% in two hours. This all adds up to a WMTC tested range of 90km and scrolling through Dirt Bike magazine’s most recent test of modern two-strokes, that is roughly their average too.

So there really is no need for range anxiety, sure you can’t pour more fuel in immediately, but 90km of flat-out riding on a machine this fast, and it’s more than likely the rider, not the bike is the one who will need time to recover. As a flat tracker, that’s a hell of a lot of four-lap races before you need to even worry about plugging the bike in.

And with the off-road-only model weighing just 183 lbs, the DTRe Stella defies the limitations of no gearbox to reach a top speed of over 90km/h. The seat height of 910mm makes it a little lower, and more accessible than the average full-size dirt bike and if you’re ready to join the sideways electric revolution it can be all yours for an MSRP of $11,975.

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