Royal Enfield might be the globe’s oldest motorcycle brand but their success doesn’t come from simply standing still. Keen to expand their presence in North America and encourage more women into the motorcycling fraternity, they’ve come up with one very clever concept. BUILD TRAIN RACE brings together four women from across the continent with unique two wheeled stories to tell. Each given a Royal Enfield INT 650 Twin to customise, their challenge is to prepare it for the track, train for the occasion, and get ready to throw down on the dirt for some fast and furious flat track racing.

#23 Andrea Lothrop

The first participant, Andrea Lothrop, on the #23 machine knows more than a thing or two about motorcycles, as the owner of Moto Revere in Toronto. The DIY Motorcycle club has created a tight knit two-wheeled community with Andrea spending her days wrenching, riding and helping others do the same. As a tribute to the ’68 Interceptor, Andrea had Black Widow Custom Paint give the tank a psychedelic vibe. While the glitter upholstered seat by Haversack Leather helped seal the bikes name, ‘Dopesmoker’.

These additions all give the RE a sweet look for the street, but first it’s headed to the flat track and Andrea has ensured it’s well prepared. New Sun Rims and race rubber from Dunlop provide the perfect rolling combo. While the engine benefits from a set of 3D printed velocity stacks that work with the EFI system and allow the airbox to be deleted. With the exhaust pouring out of the parallel-twin thanks to S&S and the all new controls making the cockpit a custom fit for Andrea when she hits the dirt.

#31 Jillian Deschenes

From Minnesota comes Jillian Deschenes #31, who couldn’t believe her luck when Royal Enfield came knocking. The hospice nurse and Mum is a successful amateur flat track racer on the weekends and it shows in the design path she’s taken. The only builder not to use the stock fuel tank, she’s thrown a mock unit on top with the fuel itself stored in a custom cell below the rider. The Saddlemen seat unit completes the classic flat track look, with traditional Enfield colours the perfect visual touch.

#31 Jillian Deschenes

The race-style focus of the build continues into the suspension with Racetech providing a set of rear shocks and the front forks being re-valved for the task. A full 2 into 1 system from S&S looks the part and slashes weight, all tuned up with a Powertronic with the map select switch up on the bars. A Vortex sprocket and tiny battery all help strip pounds and this should give Jillian an advantage when it’s time to hit the track. Which she’s more than prepared for having spent time honing her skills at the Speed Ranch.

#13 Professional racer Melissa Paris

The strongest competition on the dirt for all competitors will come from #13, professional racer Melissa Paris. Team owner, MotoAmerica competitor and one of the fastest women on the planet, Paris shows her intent with the suspension package she’s put together. With only the best in mind the front Ohlins forks are matched up with a set of the company’s black units for the rear. They combine with the stunning custom triples from Evol Technology to give unlimited adjustability.

Having blown almost all of the budget on the handling the looks are all about business with a dirt track tailpiece with number boards from Airtech Streamlining. Dubya wheels laced up a set of Excel rims to suit the Royal Enfield and a stunning Beringer brake combo gives the rear end plenty of stopping power. Another S&S full system gives the torque filled twin even more power and some trick carbon pieces keep the weight down and add to the racer finish!

#88 Lanakila MacNaughton

From Portland comes #88 Lanakila MacNaughton, the photographer behind The Women’s Moto Exhibit, she epitomizes everything that’s good about being a biker in 2020! Heavily involved in the motorcycle community, Lana’s daily ride is an RE Himalayan. But while racing is new to her, don’t let the more subtle looks of her INT 650 Twin fool you. With the help of Bridge City Cycles the engine is spiced up with a Power Commander and slip-ons from S&S.

Suspension conversion kings Cognito Moto joined the party and a set of their custom clamps enables the fitment of R6 front forks. With the scrambler style seat, the bike maintains its classic British good looks, but the Pro Taper bars, number boards, and Maxxis rubber have the bike ready to race. Helping to dial in their bikes and train for the dirt, expert instruction is all part of the program. Sadly the Covid-19 pandemic means the women are yet to race, but before they bang bars on the track they’re all staying in touch via group chat for friendly banter.

In facilitating BUILD TRAIN RACE, Royal Enfield is helping to ensure women in our community are supported and their numbers grow. That’s a win for everybody and the results clearly speak for themselves.

You can find out more about this great initiative and also watch some short films about each of the riders here.