Hey Mister d’Orleans, how you like THEM apples?

I had the weirdest dream last night. At least I think it was a dream. I looked down to the end of my bed and saw a very well dressed gentleman sitting in my chair, smoking a pipe. “Mr Jones, I presume.” he enunciated. I nodded slowly, still not sure what exactly what was happening. “My name is Brough. George Brough. I have but two things to say to you, Mr Jones. Firstly, I’d like you to know that I think you are a cad, a scally wag and a imbecile.” There was a pause. He looked at me with a face that betrayed some kind of irrational rage deep inside. I wondered what I possibly could have done to piss him off so badly. “And the second?” I asked, cautiously. With barely a blink of the eye he stood up, rolled up the sleeve to his crisp white linen shirt, and punched me square in the face with a superb English Private School right hook.

Step 1. Take one Mona Lisa, and one crayon…

Step 2. Mask out the unnecessary parts. Rake forks. Add wheel placeholders to gauge size and position – in this case the front was a little too thin, me thinks.

Step 3. Clean up the tank, fatten up the front wheel, and start work on building the missing rear frame. Damn those girly leather panniers.

Step 4. Shorten the tank, add new exhaust, spoke front wheel and add rubber, more rear frame and wheel work. Also note dropped clip-ons and rear tire text.

Step 5. Almost there – add leather seat, blower, finish tank in more authentic paintwork, spoke rear wheel.

Step 6. Racing numbers, tacho, a general clean-up, and we’re almost done.

24 hours on the computer (not all in one go, mind you) and 400 odd Photoshop layers later… Many thanks to Davo (Shreko_the_Geko) for providing the genius, and for Brendan (RedRumRacer) for some really sweet additions. Also thanks to Paul d’Orelans for not getting angry. Hopefully. Enjoy the gloves, Davo – we’ll see if Icon can come up with a little something extra for Brendan for his help. Thanks one and all; see you next round.

PS. Anyone spot the hidden T.E. Lawrence?

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