Here’s something that doesn’t happen too often. A bike update report. Way back in July, 2010 we showed you a great little Indonesian Kwaka from an obviously talented guy by the name of Gilberto Manoch. The bike has a beautiful back story regarding Gilberto’s dad, Tommy, winning the 1963 Indonesian Grand Prix on a bike he’d painted the words “Ulah Adigung” on before the race – Indonesian for “Don’t be Arrogant.” In honour of his father, Gilberto created the bike you see here. This version is it’s second incarnation, and Gil has updated pretty much everything, creating a bike which we think is looking pretty damn winning.

Here’s Gil. “I wanna introduce Ulah Adigung version 002 – it is Mototrigger project collaboration with Custom 52 Garage. The story of “Ulah Adigung” I take from my father gas tank race bike, which is the same like my Kawasaki kz200 ULAH ADIGUNG verion 001. ULAH ADIGUNG version 001 and ULAH ADIGUNG version 002 is a same bike with a different style like a coffe 2 in 1!”

“Engine is bored up to 250, and I use a car piston from a Suzuki. The carburettor is a NSR SP 28. The tank is from Mototrigger (the name of Gil’s custom shop, we’re guessing), as is the seat, cowl, exhaust, and paint.”

“Handle bars are from a Suzuki en 125. Tyres are Swallow Enduro. I haven’t modded the frame, shocks or front forks.”

“MOTOTRIGGER is proudly from Jakarta, Indonesia. We design and built Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. Why? Because it is fun!”

Yet another great bike form Indonesia. We’ve been talking to the Uprising boys lately, so you should all expect to see more South East Asian magic gracing these here pages in the near future. Until then, “selamat pagi” and “ulah adigung” to you all.