The beautiful Italian seaside city of Pescara is the birthplace of some of the country’s great artists, from incredible poets to the enigmatic writing partner of Fellini, Ennio Flaiano. But it’s time we call on the old Roman city situated on the Adriatic Coast to add a new name to its honour roll, that of custom bike builder extraordinaire, Filippo Barbacane. In his small workshop located just a few hundred metres back from the beach, he has dedicated his life to handcrafting the world’s greatest Moto Guzzi masterpieces. And the latest Officine Rossopuro example, ‘Analogica’, is based on an SP1000 and is as beautiful as it is usable, built to explore the country’s incredible coastline in style.

Filippo was quick to point out the rationale that informs the build of his latest creation. “By now, in the panorama of specials, motorcycles made to amaze are very often seen, with an unnatural set-up and riding position, for example, the use of off-road tyres on cafe racer motorcycles etc. In my specials, I have always tried to make bikes that can be used every day. I also love experimenting and creating prototypes out of the ordinary, but when a private client asks me for a motorcycle, I want him to be able to really use it, maybe travel or ride along beautiful roads in peace.”

And this was exactly what his client was after, with only one small request, that the bike which had arrived off the showroom floor in a stunning yellow, keep the canary-like hue. Other than that, it was free rein for Filippo to create a classic daily cruiser. “In recent years, in fact, the desire has grown among enthusiasts for this kind of motorcycle, specials built on ’80s bases but which have the reliability, chassis and handling of modern motorcycles. Hence also the name Analogica (analogue).” With the ’80s SP stripped down, the sandblasted frame and driveline provide an ultra-clean platform from which to create and the process starts by building a rolling chassis.

The iconic Tonti frame has been weld checked, smoothed out and restored to perfection, with all of the unrequired tabs removed to reveal the long lines of the round tube that make up its distinctive profile. The gussets around the headstock are an insight into just how solid its construction is, and Filippo replaces all of the fixtures and fittings that support the lower cradle and swingarm. To reduce flex even further, an in-house designed and CNC machined, billet aluminium rear engine plate is bolted in. Before the final drive on the smooth shaft running machine is rebuilt and everything is given a coat of chassis black.

To get the bike rolling, and to make the most of the frame modifications, a great deal of care goes into the suspension package. All spec’d to Filippo’s requirements, the front forks are rebuilt using all new Bitubo internals, with the lower legs polished to a flawless finish and a set of gaiters to protect the re-chromed stanchions. The rear suspension is a set of chromed Bitubo shocks, with rebound adjustment and progressive rate springs to deliver a smooth as silk ride. To keep the period look, the original brakes are kept, but rebuilt with modern components, given braided lines and the rear swung on a machined aluminium bracket.

“Then comes the body part, my greatest pride. All my bikes have aluminium bodies handmade by me, always in one piece, I never repeat the same design on a bike, in my opinion it makes no sense if we talk about ‘customization’ to have more than one bike the same. The very concept of personalisation would be lost,” Filippo explains of his design philosophy. Every piece of the bodywork is picture perfect, from the hand-sculpted tank, to the form fitting side covers and those beautiful hand rolled guards. The colour of course is yellow as requested, and Filippo has given it a vintage Ducati Scrambler vibe, with silver detail separated by a single black pinstripe.

The engine is the beating heart of any Guzzi build and the thumping 949cc v-twin has been detailed to within an inch of its life. From an internal rebuild to beautiful external parts like the aluminium filter cover that holds a K&N element, everything is done by the master himself. Those drilled head guards are an Officine Rossopuro part too, and the stunning stainless exhaust system is designed in-house to exacting requirements and then produced by long standing partner MASS. You can drink in all of the details of the hulking driveline, and that’s helped further by a fully custom-built loom that is completely hidden and a host of parts Filippo has developed over the years for the Guzzi.

“The entire electricals are also updated with a completely new electrical system, with voltage regulator and electronic ignition, lights, handlebar controls etc”. A new Daytona single instrument sits on a custom bracket and like the incredible CNC machined rearsets, these are all parts made in the shop and available to the general public.

The risers and clamps are another example of such items, tailored to suit the height of the client, which just like the gorgeous leather seat is intended to keep them comfortable for those long days in the saddle. A set of Borrani rims with modern rubber literally wraps up the build and another achingly beautiful bike rolls out of the small workshop by the sea, where the dreams of Guzzi fanatics come to be born.

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