After talking about starting a Pipeburn podcast almost four years ago, we’ve finally finished recording the first season. I know what you’re thinking: does the world really need another podcast? Well, the way we see it, there’s a lot out there, but nothing like this. It’s a mixture of motorcycles, funny stories, and unsavoury language and topics – which is why we called it Pipeburn Uncut. We’ve left it all in, including the stuff we’ll probably regret later. We know we might upset some folks but keeping it raw is something we all agreed on from day one.

The amazing Stacey Mayfield and Sparky from the Haas Moto Museum.

The podcast is hosted by Mark Hawwa, founder of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride; Scott Hopkin, editor and creator of, and the indomitable Sir Anthony Partridge, renowned custom bike builder from the TV Show Goblin Works Garage. We are three mates who have bonded over the years through our love of motorcycles, having a laugh, and being kicked out of motorcycle events around the world. The podcast was also a great excuse to do a bit of travelling together and interview our guests in the flesh.

The one and only Craig Rodsmith at the Haas Moto Museum.

The podcast covers all parts of the custom motorcycle scene: the bikes, the builders behind the bikes, the photographers of the scene, and exclusive interviews with some of the most influential people in motorcycling. We are very excited about the guests we’ve interviewed for the first season, which include Robbie Maddison, Roland Sands, Craig Rodsmith, J Shia, Jaime Camil, Stacey and Sparky from Haas Moto Museum, Tom Gilroy from Purpose Built Moto, and Ben Branch from Silodrome.

The legendary Robbie Maddison at his Ranch in California.

The first episode is an introduction to get to know the hosts a bit better. It launches today and we will be dropping new episodes every Wednesday. So join us as we traverse the globe capturing 10 podcasts in 10 days using the FULL English language while risking potential sponsorship deals. You can experience the first episode here.