More than just rising like the Phoenix from the ashes, the ascent of Royal Enfield in the last decade has been closer to a thunderous climb from a supersonic jet. Having utilised their highly acclaimed 648cc twin in a number of super successful models over the last five years, the company believed it time to create an all new motorcycle around the brilliant engine. Enter the Super Meteor 650, a true middleweight cruiser with a brand new chassis developed in conjunction with Harris Performance to provide a low centre of gravity and confidence inspiring stability. To truly understand what this package offers, I was sent along to the Australian launch to test ride this bike on some of the best cruising roads Down Under.

So let’s buckle up as we adventure from Sydney into the galaxy and quickly back down to a location far far away. Lorne, Victoria. Get ready to laugh, gasp and maybe even snort, as we explore all the charming aspects of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. A cruiser that is truly out of this world. If there’s one thing the Super Meteor 650 knows how to do, it’s defy gravity. Not really, however this cruiser is designed to glide through the roads eating up the miles. It is a smooth ride and matched with its classic looks, there is nothing like this on the market at the price point.

Have you ever dreamed of cruising down the road, feeling like a rockstar from the ’50s? Well, the Super Meteor 650 can make that dream somewhat a reality. With its sleek and retro design, this bike is an absolute head-turner. All that is left is your best James Dean getup, a cigarette and you are ready to roll! If you’re looking for lightning-fast speed, well, the Super Meteor 650 might not be your best bet. This cruiser prefers a more relaxed pace, allowing you to soak in the sights, sounds, and possibly the occasional tumbleweed rolling by.

But hey, who needs speed when you can be the cool cat on the block, ambling along and winking at every passerby? (Please don’t wolf whistle anyone!) Go ahead, take it slow, and embrace the awesomeness of the Meteor 650’s leisurely vibe. On ‘private track’ testing the ride is competent enough to hit the Ton. Just do not expect anymore without doing some modifications.

One of the quirkiest features of the Super Meteor 650 is its unique exhaust note. Some say it sounds like a chorus of angels humming a catchy tune, while others claim it’s more like a cow belting out a soulful ballad. From the saddle it reminds you that you are riding a motorcycle, from behind it has a beautiful deep sound that no doubt can be turned into an absolute screamer (if inclined) with the right exhaust. Having had experience with the GT650 engine on our bolt-on build, you can squeeze out another 6bhp with an aftermarket tune and exhaust. Possibly propelling you faster than the 100mph we couldn’t push past.

Now let’s stop punning around with the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. Let’s focus on unicorns. This bike is like a unicorn, sprinkling affordable magic everywhere it goes! You can ride down the road, feeling like a king or queen, without having to sell your castle to afford it. The Super Meteor 650 is a true budget-friendly beast, making your wallet cheer with joy and your friends jealous of your money-saving skills.

It’s the kind of bike that says, ‘Hey, I may not break the bank, but I’ll break your expectations!’ and it truly does. Riding the iconic Great Ocean Road at speed vouched for that. Will it scrape on some tighter corners? It is a cruiser, of course it will; but on the wider turns and straights it out-performs preconceived expectations.

If you’re ready to hit the open road in style and embrace the charming eccentricities of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, strap on your helmet and prepare for a journey that is as fun as it is unforgettable. Life’s too short to take yourself too seriously, and the Super Meteor 650 is the perfect reminder of that. It is a truly competitive bike based on their extremely successful GT650 and Interceptor engine, you really can’t go wrong if this is your next bike of choice. 

Fast Facts –
From A$11,990 – 3 year warranty (Around $7,269 USD)
241kg – Seat Height 740mm
47bhp – 52.3nm
Harris Performance Chassis – Showa Suspension