You may remember recently when we teamed up with Cam at Stories of Bike to create a video called ROADS WE RIDE for Transport for NSW’s motorcycling safety initiative. Here’s the third one in the series, and we’re thinking that it’s the best so far.

It looks at a piece of road that’s about two hours south of Sydney with a reputation of being one of the trickiest stretches of bitumen in the country – Macquarie Pass. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Macquarie Pass is an eight-kilometre-long section of the Illawarra Highway passing through the Macquarie Pass National Park. It was opened in 1898 as little more than a dirt road to allow people, goods and livestock to descend from Robertson to the coastal town of Albion Park.

The modern-day section of section of road is very steep and contains a large number of hairpin bends, resulting in buses and trucks needing to reverse on some of the bends. The pass is notorious for accidents and can really catch less experienced riders out.

So naturally, we decided to feature it in this, our third ROADS WE RIDE episode. It features our good mate Matt Laxton, who grew up in the area and knows the road like the back of his leather-gloved hand. The episode also stars his very cool Ducati MH900e.

Yes, it’s intended for local riders, but we genuinely think that pretty much anyone who rides will get a kick out of it. And as before, we’ve roped in a whole bunch of other Aussie motorcycling institutions including The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Throttle Roll, Return of the Café Racers, Tank Moto and Rising Sun Workshop to help us spread the word.

We hope you like it. Ride safe.