It is no secret that the Yamaha MT range has not only been a huge hit for the Iwata factory but has also become a fan favourite around the globe in the motorcycle scene. The range is all naked in style and designed to deliver usable torque, but the engines vary greatly in size, from 125cc to a massive 1700cc and you can have an MT with one, two, three or even four cylinders. But no single country on the planet gets every model in the range, and while the MT-07 is the big seller in most countries, the MT-25 is all the rage for the Indonesian island of Bali. Perfect for absolutely soaring down the backstreets, the flyers at Treasure Garage have nicknamed their mighty manoeuvrable MT-25, ‘Blue Falcon’.

We’ve featured the works of Imanuel ‘Nuel’ Prakoso and his team a number of times, and we are not the only ones, with the international press finding their way to the impressive facility. At Treasure Garage there is everything from a kitted-out workshop where they can make absolutely anything for two-wheels, to a funky shop front with tons of motorcycle gear, and even a cafe with an expert barista on hand. But what really draws in the crowds is the people who work at Treasure Garage and their sheer passion for custom motorcycles.

Having spun the spanners on a number of small Yamahas, including their amazing XSR Supermoto, the MT-25 made perfect sense for another attack on a small Japanese screamer. The stock bike is relatively similar to the MT-03 sold in other markets, with nearly as much power but at about 60% of the price, which makes it a bargain buy at around USD$3,300. But to make the budget even more friendly for their client, the guys picked up an older example. “Using a 2015 Yamaha MT-25 as a donor was a great decision considering the reliability and power of this motorcycle. Not to mention maintenance was super friendly and easy to source the spare parts when needed,” Nuel told us.

One of the first issues the team had to address was the inferior suspension that comes with the older model. The tiny traditional way-up forks not only look a little weak but don’t offer the sort of damping you need when pushing a bike hard. So the bearings were knocked out and a set of new USD forks slotted in. Having blacked out the triple trees and load adjusters, the tough look is there to match the improved performance. The brakes required a similar upgrade and a new set of mounts, twin discs and multi-pot calipers get the job done, with braided lines ensuring an excellent feel at the lever.

Next on the list was to take care of the bike’s look and the entire bodywork is made from raw alloy, hand beaten and shaped in-house using traditional methods. To get the clean finish they were after, the subframe was shortened and hooped before a tailpiece was moulded around it. The measurements were exacting to ensure the bike could still be ridden two-up, a popular pastime on the island. But that tailpiece doesn’t just finish at the back of the bike, with the metal running as a single piece past the engine and forming up to provide both a tank cover and some serious shoulders. 

On a roll, the guys added some beautiful carbon fibre pieces, crafted to fit in as side covers and for the top of the tank with an integrated instrument housing. Still hammering on alloy an all-new front fender then gives the bike a seriously aggressive vibe, which is only further enhanced by the wings that kick out from below the fuel tank.

Having created such a clean-looking bike, the lighting had to fit in with the scheme and the stock headlight setup was never going to work. A new mask was fabricated and fitted with over and under double-stacked LED lights for a futuristic vibe. To keep that going, the turn signals in the wings and the taillight at the rear were cut from coloured acrylic and lit with small LEDs from behind.

Time to pick a colour and the light blue hue not only looks brilliant but helps to show off all of the team’s alloy bodywork brilliance. The extensive use of black adds to the tough vibe for the small bike, and the murdered-out belly pan gives the engine a beefier look too.

A touch of colour has been added to the fluid reservoir caps and the centre sections of the brake discs, and even the slick leather seat uses the blue hue for the stitching. A set of RCB levers helps add to the quality finish and flat crosser bars give the rider full control.

Turning their attention to the engine, and Nuel and his team didn’t want to compromise the reliability of the punchy twin-cylinder. But what they did want was a much better sound and improved airflow, and nothing does that better than a complete custom exhaust, with an Akrapovic muffler and carbon cover to finish. A custom laser cut ‘MT25’ radiator cover keeps stray stones from ruining a day out on the roads, and you stick to the pavement like glue thanks to the quality Michelin Pilot Sport rubber.

The finished product is another feather in the cap of the Treasure Garage crew, and once again shows their incredible skill in taking a small bike and budget and turning out a truly high-end product for a very happy customer.

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