It’s been suggested that when Yamaha first launched an MT-coded motorcycle back in 2005, they could never have imagined the success the range would achieve. But as time has gone by, it’s emerged that the Iwata factory had always had a mission to create a branded series of bikes to draw a new generation of riders into the Yamaha family. A decade after the first “Masters of Torque’ bikes hit the showroom floor, the MT07/09 models took things to new heights and the XSR variants gave the company a foothold in the modern classic segment. Watching on from Taiwan, design company Hoo Bue saw an opportunity to improve on an already remarkable machine and conceived a retro-racer ‘C-S kit’, that gives the 2022 XSR900 some serious ’80s enduro racer vibes.

This isn’t the first time that highly regarded industrial designer, Jurmol, the head honcho of Hoo Bue has unleashed his talents on the XSR range. Back in 2020 he released ‘Tyrant’ a kit to totally transform the XSR700 into a “back to the dark side” flat tracker for the street. Brilliantly manufactured from carbon fibre, customers can buy the full kit or individual pieces and have them shipped anywhere in the world. At less than US$1,700 for all 18 pieces and the necessary hardware, it’s easy to understand why it was a smash hit and has since been updated to work with the post-2022 XSR700 upgrade.

And it was while working on these parts, that Jurmol realised the 2022 upgrade for the larger XSR900, deserved some special treatment too! “My immediate impression was that this bike needed a fairing and seat cover. Consequently, the silhouette of the XSR900 C-S began to take shape in my mind, and so the project started.” And it’s his credentials in industrial design that allow Jurmol to achieve the three most important aspects of creating such a kit. Of course, it has to look brilliant, but the design needs to be easy to fit and work flawlessly with the factory bike, as well as be able to be recreated at an affordable price.

To achieve this, the first item to be designed is the stunning front fairing that instantly captures the retro-racer look. Older riders will first have their eyes drawn to the double bubble windscreen which was a must-have modification for owners of early sportbikes and is commonly seen on the race machines that tackle events like the 24hrs of Le Man and the Suzuka 8 hour. Below this feature, the fairing neatly wraps around the factory headlight and works seamlessly with the LED unit, saving customers considerable money in needing to source a replacement.

Looking for the turn signals? They’re supplied in the kit and the LED strip-style pieces are brilliantly hidden in small slits in the front of the fairing. The rest of the fairing bolts on neatly with the screws supplied, and runs down the sides of the bike to also serve as radiator side covers, helping to clean up the look of the bike drastically. Included in this section are a pair of carbon fibre covers, that act as ducts and funnel further cool air onto the engine. The clip-ons are not part of the kit, and although customers can pick their own, Hoo Bue recommends the use of Zeta’s Pilot Handles.

The second major part of the kit is the single-seat conversion, which is achieved by the C-S kit’s all-new tail unit. Instantly capturing the enduro racer look, the squared-off rear flows beautifully into sculpted sides which line up neatly with the factory side covers to give the look of a full fairing. Just like the front end, there are recessed vents to provide for a more dramatic look, and the fitting hardware is all supplied as part of the kit. You even get the stickers and an upper triple clamp cover to give that factory piece a racier appearance.

For US$1,520 you get everything that we’ve mentioned so far and your choice of two distinct colour schemes prepainted onto the replacement bodywork. One option is the vintage Yamaha blue, with yellow graphics and black speed blocks, and this look works exceptionally well with the factory offering that sports gold wheels and forks. Or for those who wish a little more of the dark side, you can choose a gloss black, with red graphics and a more ghosted-on grey set of speed blocks. Want to come up with your own colour scheme? Then you can purchase the kit raw for just US$1,285.

In choosing the updated XSR900 for his C-S kit, Jurmol has ensured that the base bike he’s selected to work around is one hell of a machine. The updated platform for 2022 now sports a lighter and stronger CF die-cast Deltabox frame, a more powerful 889cc CP3 engine, and a new 6-axis IMU.

The 120bhp screaming triple-cylinder only needs a muffler to unleash its full potential and high-quality suspension and brakes, a quick-shifter and lightweight spinforged wheels round out a hell of a package. Bolt on the stunning Hue Boo kit and you’ve finally got the machine to match the “Masters of Torque” motto that Yamaha picked nearly two decades ago to pitch its MT/XSR range to the world.

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