Three years ago, eagle-eyed automotive experts noticed an important application filed by Indian Motorcycle for the use of the title ‘101 Scout’. This is of course the name made famous by the model designed by Charles B. Franklin, produced from 1928-31 and is agreed upon by most to be the greatest machine the US manufacturer has ever created. Now we know how that trademark will be used, and thank god, it’s not simply going to be wasted on a few t-shirt and hat designs. As America’s original motorcycle manufacturer announces the all-new 2025 Scout line-up with five fresh models, front and centre is the return of an icon, the 101 Scout and it looks like the long wait for the return of the king is set to pay off in a big way.

You always have to be careful when you receive a press release not to fall for the fancy language and believe that what is claimed to be all-new, is simply nothing more than lipstick on a pig. But when it comes to the much-anticipated launch today of the 2025 Indian Scout lineup, the hype is very well deserved. “Leveraging authentic Scout DNA, the all-new 2025 Indian Scout lineup builds upon its unparalleled history with five models, three trim levels, and more than 100 Scout family accessories for endless personalisation. With roots celebrating Indian Motorcycle’s rich history, the new Scout family delivers a unique combination of iconic American design, a legendary balance of power and control, and new rider-centric technology.”

Indian 101 Scout

And it really is all new, with a brand new drivetrain and new steel frame to package it in, the visuals are stunning and an enormous amount of time has been spent ensuring that the riding experience is ready to live up to the iconic name. And one name, in particular, will give buyers confidence, Ola Stenegard, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle who previously spent 15 years at BMW developing the world’s best superbike in the S1000RR and the remarkable HP2. “Having the opportunity to lead the design efforts for the next evolution of Scout is a dream come true,” Ola tells us.

And his input is obvious, this is a man who demands that a motorcycle excels in every area and most importantly serves its target demographic’s every desire. “Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors. For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel tube frame and all-new, V-Twin engine.” That engine is a completely redesigned 1250cc liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, V-Twin, known as the SpeedPlus 1250. And it delivers up to 111 horsepower and north of 82 ft-lbs of torque, via a six-speed transmission.

The five models on offer are the Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, Scout Classic, Super Scout, and 101 Scout, and with three trim levels across the range, there is a bike and a price point for everyone. The 101 is the bike that instantly grabbed our attention and not just because of the name, it looks incredible and that powerplant now has the premium parts to ensure it can use those ponies effectively out on the road! With adjustable piggyback rear shocks, inverted adjustable front forks, and dual disc Brembo brakes, this is the sort of componentry you get on a premium European motorcycle, only now you can have it with those all-American looks, the V-Twin muscle and a bike that has truly earned the iconic badge it wears.

Indian Sport Scout

The rest of the range traverses the Indian experience we know and love, with the Sport Scout both my personal favourite and the one I feel will appeal to younger riders who wish to customise their bike. The 19-inch front wheel and the small front fairing give it a mean as hell look, and it has an edge that few factory offerings can match. Similarly, the Scout Bobber has the low and loud angle down pat, it looks like a sledgehammer on wheels and those meaty tyres and minimalist aesthetic will no doubt get the attention of those who want to bolt on just a few factory accessories and create a personalised machine that still comes with a factory warranty. But to really look the part, these machines are going to need a new muffler, the factory item no doubt ticks the emissions box, but it ain’t a looker.

Indian Classic Scout

Of course, all cruiser type motorcycles have a faithful following with an older crowd and while they’ll benefit from the high tech on offer, they can still have the look they know and love. In the Scout Classic you get the small, traditionally styled headlight, wire wheels and big flared fenders that tap deep into Indian’s heritage. A low seat height and relaxed ergonomics only set that vibe off further and whether cruising a highway or bar hopping, it’s always going to look a million dollars. Then there is the Super Scout, now this is departing from our area of expertise, but with the big windshield, leather saddlebags, extra plush suspension and nostalgic look, this is the bike for the Grey nomad who is a little too adventurous for a caravan with the wife.

Indian Scout Bobber

Then there are the trim levels, standard, limited and limited + tech, and some bikes like the 101 come with the best of everything from the factory. Other models let you choose between an entry price point or adding the ‘limited’ options like the rider modes and USB charging or going for the tech and gaining Indian’s very impressive RIDE COMMAND system, which gives you a touchscreen, navigation and all of the goodies you could ever desire. The accessory list would need an article of its own, but think everything from LED lighting to Rizoma parts and endless luggage options. But here’s the kicker, the starting price is just US$12,999 and the 101 Scout is US$16,999, and that’s a huge amount of motorcycle for the money and ensures Harley-Davidson will not have all their own way in the battle to be the one true, big American. 

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