I will try to keep this short as I know how overboard I could go. Bought 7 years ago seized and crashed and in desperate need of repair. I originally bought it with the plan of restoring it to original and giving it to my father as he always use to tell me about how much he loved his old CB and wished he never sold it. So excited about my plan I told my dad, only to have him go ahead and by himself an all original CB750 a few months later. So with that in mind I thought to my self, “screw it, I will build this one the way I want it” and I did.

My goal was to always keep it mostly original and era correct, the things I was going to change to give it that cafe look were going to be bolt on bits anyone could have done today, or back in the 70’s (minus he fancy LED lights). There is not a single component or part I have not touched, restored or fit to the bike. with most parts still being the original parts either polished, re-chromed or repaired.

Engine has been fully rebuilt, back cut the gear box for a new lease on life, balanced the crank, port and polish on the head with new guides. Kibble White valve kit, went over size on the pistons with the Wiseco 836 kit, original cam shaft (was thinking Yoshi but didn’t), and the 4 into 1 exhaust Yoshi replica. Simple pod filters and a little bit of jetting to get it running nicely.
All original engine cases,cylinder, head, tappit cover have been hydro-blasted and all side covers original and re-chromed with the exception of the stator cover being a new replacement.

Chassis and running gear, original frame with no modifications except for cutting off the centre stand mounts as they were partly damaged anyway and were never going to be re-used. All painted and reconditioned, same swing arm and triple clamps. Original fork lowers just polished and cleared, as well as wheel hubs. Rims are original and still have the DID markings in them, they were just re-chromed and then new spokes to finish the wheels, doing something a little different with the black and chrome finish.

I could go on for hours but all in all I really wanted this to be a modern cafe take on a classic head turning sports bike. All the Gen Y look at it and go what a great old looking cafe bike and all the Baby Boomers look at it and know exactly what it is and what it was and how original it has stayed.

I hope you enjoyed my bike and I hope to have many more in the future

I know your job is hard judging all these bikes, thank you for your time and big thumbs up to Pipe Burn putting on such a good contest while in the uncertain global times.